Communicate – communicate – communicate

communicateIn today’s world communication is an essential tool which helps an organization to achieve productivity and maintain strong working relationships at all levels.

Those employer who invests time in communicating with employees will build up levels of trust which in turn, leads to increase in productivity and morale. While poor communication inevitably leads to demotivated employees who may question their own abilities and inevitably the organization. So, how can organizations improve and enhance their communication ?

The first line communicators are the Managers who need to ensure that all employees are on board and aware of the objectives of the department and organization. Next, it is important to keep employees involved by updates through verbal or written communication. Finally, to ensure that the lines of communication are open at all times to receive feedback and updates from employees. When you are listening it is a sign of respect and you also learn of any outstanding issues you may need to tackle as an employer.

Always remember communication is a two way process and no company or individual will survive long if it doesn’t listen to others.


3 thoughts on “Communicate – communicate – communicate

  1. 100% right, no doubt in it that communication is a pillar to build strong relationship and to create culture of openness and trust.


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