FEAR of delegation


It is a common human trait that we only trust our self to do things correctly and hesitate to entrust the task to another person. Although you may understand the fact that delegation is a very powerful skill that can be used to boost your own productivity as well as that of the team, yet most of us hesitate and continue to resist the act of delegation.

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Motivating people to achieve


A common myth is that in order to get results we need to motivate our employees. For Managers and Leaders it is an ongoing concern and most leaders are spending a major chunk of their time trying to motivate their team to achieve the goals set out for them. HR is constantly involved in developing tools and schemes to provide support to leaders in their quest for motivating their employees.

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Goal setting that really works !

goalsGoal setting is a tool that can be beneficial to us in all areas of our life, be it at home, work, fitness program or any other interest or hobby we may be following. The process of setting goals for ourselves not only influences our performance in that area but it also helps to build a positive change in us such as motivating us and breeding success. The success factor also contributes to building our self confidence.

Setting goals for yourself in all walks of your life are a requirement of success. In order to be successful one needs to know what one wants to achieve and how to go about it. If one does not map the requirements for attaining a goal one can never be successful.

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COMPANY CULTURE : the hottest topic in the business world

company-cultureLatest research by Deloitte shows us that some of the biggest challenges facing leaders in the business world of today are related to company culture, employee engagement and retention. Not only that, over 50% of business leaders rated these matters as urgent to focus on.

What are the reasons behind these challenges? The answer is directly linked to the “ECONOMY” when the economy picks up the bargaining power of employees also rises. Not only that we need to thanks the social websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor as well. There is so much public information available related to a company’s employment brand on the internet.

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Is downsizing the answer to reducing business costs ?

images (4)Economic downturns, financial difficulties, changing market conditions, mergers or other factors may suggest that reducing the workforce is the answer. This has been a very pervasive managerial practice for over decades, but the question that arises is – how successful is this practice in reality ?

In many cases the pain related to downsizing cannot be avoided but time has shown that such activities rarely deliver the anticipated results. The impact on the human element may in many cases outweigh the minor benefit gained in terms of reduction in HR costs.

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What makes employees quit ?

employee quitThere is an old adage that people quit managers, and not jobs. It maybe true in some cases but I don’t totally agree with that. There are many other factors which contribute directly or indirectly to such a major decision – which maybe :

Some companies like the way things are and employees don’t get a chance to learn anything new. Things continue to go the same way and slowly the good employees who are more ambitious to learn and grow start to leave. Peer pressure play a key role in such a situation and if all your friends have more interesting and rewarding jobs then the pressure keeps increasing.

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Prepare for your performance appraisal

PerformanceThe year is ending and performance appraisals are in full swing. It’s an important time of the year and one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your performance appraisal is to actively prepare for it.

Whether the company you are in includes a self-evaluation step in their process or not, you don’t have to play a passive role where you are merely the recipient of feedback and direction from your manager. You can take the initiative to properly prepare for your appraisal meeting with your manager and ensure that your manager has a complete picture of your performance.

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Continuous development

updatedSkillsKnowledgeAfter completing our education we tend to think that learning and exams are a thing of the past – but very soon we realize that the workplace can also be a very competitive learning environment. In the workplace employees are constantly being assessed and judged on their knowledge, capabilities and skills. Further they are compared and bench marked against their peers.

We are normally so caught up in our daily responsibilities that we don’t have time for anything else. But in this age of rapid technological advancement, where both the tools we use and the methods we employ develop and change quickly, it’s imperative that we keep our skills and knowledge up to date.

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