Recognize and APPRECIATE

The role of being appreciative of others is a positive action which we can play in our lives to have more happy, satisfying and successful relationships be it at work or home. Being appreciative of the help, support and actions performed at home by your spouse can create a more happy and successful relationship. Being positive and approving of the behaviours of our children can help to build their character and stronger bonds with them.

However, being aware of the importance of employee appreciation and going out of your way to show team members that you are conscious and appreciative of their contributions to the team and business is very important and critical to business success.  It helps to improve employee morale, boost the level of job satisfaction and increase employee engagement with the organization. These factors contribute to reducing job turnover and building lasting bonds with the company.

The most positive aspects of demonstrating to your team that you appreciate their efforts and focus on the job, is the fact that showing appreciation requires minimum effort on your part, does not take much of your time and also costs nothing or very little. So it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Appreciation is just the simple deed of recognition of the acts, qualities, performance and accomplishments of a person. By simply saying “thank you” for a job that has been done timely or well, for being well prepared to meet a client or attend a meeting can boost the motivation of an employee. A ‘pat on the back’, for the support provided during a crisis, or going the extra mile to support the team also does wonders for employee morale.    

Studies have revealed the results, that being appreciative is one the most highly proven methods to make employees more productive, boost their morale, motivate them to higher levels of performance and also improve job commitment. Employee turnover will reduce and happy, committed and motivated employees will produce better results.

Some of the key reasons why leaders and managers should show appreciation are :

  1. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – An employee likes to have their efforts recognized and work appreciated. They get the feeling that they are valued and their work is of value and appreciated. These feelings spur them on to work harder, maintain their performance and be ready to put in extra efforts.
  2. HIGHER ENGAGEMENT – When an employee is recognized for their efforts, praised for a job well done and also receives constructive criticism to improve their performance the level of commitment and engagement increases. They tend to work with more dedication and perform at higher levels.
  3. IMPROVED MORALE –  The impact of showing appreciation for work well done and recognizing the efforts put in, both have a big impact on improving the morale of an employee as well as  of other team members. Improved morale has a ripple effect and can boost the impact of morale building across the team. This leads to a highly engaged team working in the organization.
  4. LOWER TURNOVER – Employees leave managers not companies, so the role of a manager is critical in employee retention and appreciation and recognition are vital tools to increase employee retention. A study by Robert Half shows that 66% of employees leave their job because of a lack of appreciation by their managers. Appreciating team members is key to building a happy, dedicated team and team loyalty.

Doing the above is not difficult, one can easily make it a point to encourage employees to think of new ideas, job processes and even come up with suggestions to make changes and improve efficiency. It is even more critical in current times where employees have less interaction with each other. Keeping them motivated and happy in their work is very important to producing good results. So it is vital for leaders to be active and involved with their team, to remain stimulated and inspired, so as to keep them engaged with the organization.

Some simple ways of doing so, is by making appreciation a daily event by giving positive feedback as required and thanking team members for good work. Being available when required for discussions, giving quality time to discuss personal problems or taking an interest in their career and providing advice on their personal development. Such actions are appreciated by employees and can help to build strong bonds, a higher level of engagement and positive company culture. On the other hand a formal “Recognition Program” can also be initiated by the company . 

We need to recognize that appreciation is a powerful everyday tool that managers and leaders can use with their teams which will help with team building, better bonding and greater productivity. Leaders and managers who show purposeful appreciation of their teams can encourage loyalty in employees and build a culture of engagement in the organization.  

Finally “The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement” – Charles Schwab

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