complacentCan being too complacent derail your career ? Think about it.

We all like to feel happy in our current jobs, wanting to come to work every morning, satisfied at work, thinking ourselves to be indispensable and apart from these we like to feel at ease with our boss, our colleagues and to enjoy ourselves if the company culture is conducive to doing so.  So you may think that if you truly enjoy your work why you would even contemplate a change.

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know-thyselfDo you know yourself ?  Do you understand what motivates you ? Do you understand what drives you? Research shows that self-awareness is crucial for all levels of success. Becoming self-aware is a long process, but it is only by knowing yourself that you will be better placed to make the right decisions about your professional and personal life.

After all being self aware is all about having a clear perception of your personality, which includes your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and motivations. It also includes your thoughts and emotions. Having an awareness of yourself gives you the opportunity to make any required changes in your behavior and beliefs.

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Get what you want from life

get-from-lifeEveryone’s life does have at least some limitations, of which there maybe few which are unchangeable. However a very large percentage of our lives is in our control —at least enough to profoundly impact how fulfilled and happy we may feel. Just knowing that you have some control is enough to change your perspective from hopeless to optimistic.

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Staying Optimistic

optimismBeing optimistic is one of the most valuable traits that you can develop within yourself and it is a quality that will help you to live a happier life and in fact be a better liked person within your organization and even in your personal life. It is also a very important attitude to maintain when you are going through a tough patch or when you are up to facing difficult challenges.

Of course it is sometimes very difficult to remain optimistic when it feels like the whole world is crashing down around you, but if you can do it then you will be sure to reap the rewards.

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STOP Overthinking

thinkingDoes anything hold you back from what you really want to do in life ? The one thing that may hold you back is the tendency to think too much. We keep on overthinking every little thing to the extent that it keeps getting bigger and bigger in our minds until it reaches a point that we are scared away from doing it.

What impact does this have on our lives ? Of course one needs to think things through but being an overthinker can result in becoming someone who ultimately stands still in life without achieving anything. I used to think a lot and then at some point I realized that it was holding me back and that I was not being able to achieve what I wanted to do. Slowly I learned how to categorize things so that small matters are dealt with automatically. Remember that overthinking is counterproductive to whatever problem you may be trying to solve.

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Inspire yourself

What makes things happen ?

Answer : ACTION

We all have the tendency to think of what we want to do, what we want to be etc. But the biggest difference with people who are successful in growing, developing and attaining their goals, is that they are constantly taking action.

However action requires energy and to get that energy we need to focus on our self – We need to create that energy.  It’s easy to say but then the question also arises – how can one derive the energy ? The energy needs to come from within our self.

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Attitude – It makes the difference

attitudeAre you unhappy at work ? Do you feel that nothing is good and that it is all due to someone else’s fault. If that’s the case what do you think will happen – it will only continue to get worse. UNLESS you do something about it.

Remember everything begins with you. It is all about you as you cannot change others but you can change yourself.

If you have never thought about this before, take my advice and become totally responsible for who you are and where you want your life to take you… you will become a much more successful and happier person. Not only that, these habits allow you to build upon your success like nothing else. Stop all negative thoughts and get POSITIVE, take control of YOURSELF as this is the only thing you can control.  YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR ACTIONS.

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Beginnings and Endings


New beginings

The year ends and at the beginning of each new year we get a fresh page to write on, a page that is waiting for us to fill with our dreams, aspirations and goals.
Its time to ask yourself :
– What should I do to help me achieve my goals ?
– Have I been using old and irrelevant ideas from the past years ?
– Am I using an ineffective approach ?
It is only by questioning yourself that you will become aware of what you need to write for the new year.

The beginning of a year brings a special atmosphere that motivates all of us to take action, and that’s – an opportunity! It’s a time to review old opportunities which we may have forgotten and also think of new ones which may help us achieve our goals.

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