MINDSET – Its influence on our life

The most basic belief we have of ourselves is based on how we consider our personality.  Carol Dweck, a psychologist and expert on mindset, identified two types of mindset, fixed and growth. Those people with a fixed mindset believe that their character, intelligence and other abilities are all givens which cannot be changed and being successful depends on their inbuilt intelligence.  While those with a growth mindset thrive on challenges and accept failure as a facilitator for stretching their abilities and a catalyst for growth and development.  


1 thought on “MINDSET – Its influence on our life

  1. Wonderful article, it was a really good read. It is great how you have explained both types of mindset but also provided advice on how to shift towards the growth mindset. We have used this technique in healthcare for people suffering with diabetes that are trying to make healthier lifestyle changes. Negative self-talk is a common issue and one way we try to address it is by asking people to speak to themselves how they would speak to a close friend. People tend to be more harsh and critical towards themselves, so this was a helpful technique to promote kinder self talk.


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