Motivating people to achieve


A common myth is that in order to get results we need to motivate our employees. For Managers and Leaders it is an ongoing concern and most leaders are spending a major chunk of their time trying to motivate their team to achieve the goals set out for them. HR is constantly involved in developing tools and schemes to provide support to leaders in their quest for motivating their employees.

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Employee Development – a necessity ?

emp developmentDo the true assets of an organization, its employees, need to undergo development activities to help them grow and develop ?

We need to remember that employees are striving continuously to achieve the organizations objectives and they have their expectations in return. It could be in the shape of increments, bonuses or monetary rewards but research has shown that recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement of contribution work better in motivating them. Further there is nothing more satisfying than acquiring skills that equip one better for the current job as well as future growth.

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Staying Optimistic

optimismBeing optimistic is one of the most valuable traits that you can develop within yourself and it is a quality that will help you to live a happier life and in fact be a better liked person within your organization and even in your personal life. It is also a very important attitude to maintain when you are going through a tough patch or when you are up to facing difficult challenges.

Of course it is sometimes very difficult to remain optimistic when it feels like the whole world is crashing down around you, but if you can do it then you will be sure to reap the rewards.

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Effective Execution – a critical skill

executionThe ability to execute effectively is key to the success of an organization as well as an individual. Designing the best strategy in the world is useless if the organization does not possess the ability to effectively execute it.

There is consensus on the fact that typically most organizations only manage to execute about 10-15% of their strategy. If those figures are even remotely accurate just imagine the opportunities lost in terms of profits, revenues, and market share. The above fact is a clear message to leaders to wake up, take serious note of the matter and realize that there is a huge opportunity waiting to be en-cashed.

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Building Positive Relationships


Do you want career success ? Building positive relationships is key to achieving it. The relationships you build at work can have a direct impact on your level of job satisfaction, your ability to grow in your job and also for gaining recognition for the work you are doing. The relationships you build help to build a closer bond with the people you are spending a major chunk of your day with.
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Employability Skills

employabilityTimes have changed and for most people the thought of a career for life is no longer an option. In fact Generation Y or Millenniums are known to be incredibly sophisticated as they are growing up in an age of rapid change technology wise. They have seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood as computers and internet has been with them since they opened their eyes in this world.

Such employees will hold a job as long as it satisfies their needs and will not hesitate to move for better opportunities to different employers and also across various business sectors throughout the first half of their careers at least.

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STOP Overthinking

thinkingDoes anything hold you back from what you really want to do in life ? The one thing that may hold you back is the tendency to think too much. We keep on overthinking every little thing to the extent that it keeps getting bigger and bigger in our minds until it reaches a point that we are scared away from doing it.

What impact does this have on our lives ? Of course one needs to think things through but being an overthinker can result in becoming someone who ultimately stands still in life without achieving anything. I used to think a lot and then at some point I realized that it was holding me back and that I was not being able to achieve what I wanted to do. Slowly I learned how to categorize things so that small matters are dealt with automatically. Remember that overthinking is counterproductive to whatever problem you may be trying to solve.

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Are You Too Smart ?

Smart at workWe complete our education start a job and then tend to stay in that job for too long. This is the tendency of most human beings as we are basically creatures of habit.

However, if it has reached a point where your job does not hold any challenge or give you the opportunity to learn and grow then you should step back and seriously review the situation. Staying in a job that requires nothing from you intellectually or creatively is the biggest disservice you may be doing to yourself.

Some signs which you may watch for are :

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