Self reflection and MIND POWER

Our brain is the most powerful part of our body, true and it is also the most complex part. We may tend to take our brain for granted but we should be aware that our brain has the ability to unlock unlimited success in our lives. We may think and believe that we cannot control our thoughts as these come and go within our brain without us being able to exercise any control on them. But have we ever thought about the fact that actually we can control our thoughts and also use our brain to become what we think about.

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CRITICAL THINKING – an essential skill

Whether we possess the ability to think critically or not is the key element between achieving success or failure in most areas of our lives. In the competitive business world of today possessing the ability to sort out useful details, evaluating sources of information and data, as well researching them provides the base for reaching conclusions. It provides us with the “dots” which when connected can help us to come up with a big picture to reach conclusions, on which to base our decisions.  

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