Visualize to MATERIALIZE

visualizeThe power of the mind and its ability to control our actions and in fact manifest our destiny cannot be denied. Linked to that, one of the most dominant tools to develop successful ways in our lives is to picture ourselves in terms of our dreams, our hopes and the success we wish to achieve so that we are positioned to make them a reality.

For that to happen we need to see our self in the situation where we want to be. The process through which that can happen is VISUALIZATION – the key to helping you to make your dreams happen.

Simply stated, visualization is the process of creating images in the mind to decidedly in a conscious or unconscious manner –exhibit itself into reality. Visualizing a goal you wish to reach, make your goals even more specific and clear. Framing your goals clearly gives your thoughts considerable clarity and energy, Research shows that just by visualizing your goals you can increase the power to achieve them by at least a factor of ten.

An English idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” explains things very appropriately. It refers to the concept that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image much more effectively than a description can do. This is why visualizing your goals makes them not only very powerful but simultaneously you are bringing them closer to becoming a reality.

However simply imagining pictures and scenes related to your goals are not enough. In order to achieve your goals, your visualized images should create a simulation of the reality you wish to achieve in as much detail and closely as possible. The more realistic your imagined picture looks, the greater the chance for it to come true.

If you practice effective visualization, you can reach your goals. It may take some time before your goals materialize, but you need to keep with it. If you can do so with regular, very deep and vivid visualizations you goals can in fact happen at a pretty quick rate.

The steps you can take for Visualizing effectively are:

  1. Visualize and set your goals
    Decide on goal, what you would like to have. Then you need to start to work towards it. Remember that a goal can be anything you desire or would like to achieve, it could be a dream job, better health, a new house or solution of a personal problem.
    Its best to start easy, by choosing goals that are easy for you to believe in and attain in a reasonable amount of time. In this manner you will enjoy success soon and this will motivate you to take on more challenging goals.
  2. Try to create a clear goal or idea
    In order to visualize effectively you must create a clear, achievable goal or an idea of what you want to achieve. You may also try to create a mental picture of the situation you want to achieve. You should think of it and frame the wordings in the present tense as an already existing goal or situation as you may desire it, in terms of an outcome. Try to be clear with details which can help you to achieve it.
  3. Integrate and focus on it
    Visit your idea or the mental picture you may have made of it in your mind, often. You may do so whenever you have time throughout the day or if it comes to your mind, when you happen to think of it. In this way try to integrate it so that it becomes a part of your life. It should seem real and achievable to you so that you are motivated to work towards it.
    Try to focus on it clearly and ensure that you are working on it in a relaxed manner. Do not feel stressed by trying to strive too hard or put an excessive amount of energy into it as that may hinder rather than help you.
  4. Positive affirmations
    While focusing on your goal, always think about it in a positive manner. This will help to reinforce it. Continue to make strong positive statements to yourself, as this will also create a positive energy around it. Try to picture achievement by seeing yourself attaining your goal. By using positive affirmations or statements you will manage to suspend any doubts you may have about achieving your goals. Instead you will get the feeling that what you desire is very real and achievable.

    Sometimes goals change, so be sure to recognize that and make it clear to yourself. By doing so you will avoid getting confused, or feeling that you have been unsuccessful in achieving your goals.

    On the other hand when you achieve a goal, be sure to acknowledge it deliberately to yourself. This will reinforce the feeling of success and achievement that you have completed a goal.

Often we achieve things that we have been focusing on and visualizing, but when achieved we forget or even do not notice that we have been successful. So try being appreciative of yourself and in fact give yourself a pat on the back for achieving what you desire.

“Visualize the most amazing life imaginable to you. Close your eyes and see it clearly. Then hold the vision as long as you can.Now place the vision in God’s hands……. and consider it done”. – Marianne Williamson.


5 thoughts on “Visualize to MATERIALIZE

  1. Great article! Once someone visualizes then they can put it down on paper too. Then it makes the vision more into a reality and you have a visual in your hand as well.


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