Self reflection and MIND POWER

The main thing here is understanding how that’s all possible. We may be surprised by what the answer to that might be. It’s very simple. In fact in two words the answer is – MIND POWER. Unlocking the power of our mind is a whole new avenue for discovery. There are many barriers which may come up when we try to undo this potential. Below we will learn to reflect upon our life and discuss some ways we can go about this.

When we think back and reflect upon our past for a few moments, we will realize that the fact is that we all really do become what we may have thought about. At a young age you may have selected a hobby or sport you were interested in learning and may have started to focus on these. Later on, you may have selected the subjects you wanted to learn in school, college and the university and developed a career for yourself. When you think back and reflect on these activities you will realize that in actual fact, all of us create a life for ourselves based on out interests and thinking. Actually we do become what we may have thought about.

All human beings tend to be led by the thoughts ingrained into them from childhood and also by the background they belong to and their upbringing, Based on these we develop our habits and values too. But these can also change with the passing of time as we grow and develop our own thinking and habits which maybe impacted by the changing environment. We can also get what we want from our life by thinking the thoughts which can show us the direction we want to move in. Our brain can focus on unlocking the success we want to achieve if we can understand how to achieve it. So, it is important that we learn how we can unlock the power of our mind to achieve greater success.

Some ways are discussed below :

  • REMOVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS : We should remember that negative thoughts cause negative emotions which affect our actions. The first and most important action we need to take is removing thoughts from our mind which may have a negative impact and cause negative emotions and actions to arise in us. If we start to believe in the negative emotions we will begin to accept and act on those. These beliefs will also influence how we begin to look at ourselves and our lives.
  • ACQUIRE INFORMATION : Lack of knowledge is a big hurdle when trying to make any decision. We may have identified that a problem exists and needs to be solved, but we do not know where to start and how to go about solving it. It is important to gather the required information, be ready to research it, challenge it and then reflect upon it. Also use your mind to analyze the information and then make a decision.
  • WORK ON YOUR GOALS : Having a goal for yourself is a positive action and the mind starts to push you towards achieving that. We can see examples of this everywhere and also in all stages of our lives. A student who wants to achieve outstanding results, works hard and thus manages to achieve their aim. A sportsperson who wants to become a member of the national team practices hard to improve skills required to fulfill that aim. A businessman can achieve success by selecting the right team and developing the areas required for success. So using our subconscious mind to focus on the skills and opportunities required to achieve our goals can help us to achieve success.
  • BE READY TO CHANGE : The world is constantly changing and we may be feeling uncertainty of the future. But being fearful and having negative thoughts only become hurdles to face the changes. It is important to be open and take the steps required to be successful. To do so, unlock your mind and be ready to explore the new avenues opening up. Then start focusing on taking small steps to bring on the required changes. Remember that change does not have be be a big step, it can come in small ways that ultimately make a big impact on our lives.
  • BE YOURSELF : People have an inbuilt tendency to try to influence others. They tend to think that they know best. But you know yourself best and also know your own strengths, areas for improvement and how you respond to different situations and things. Also the doubts and fears others may possess will be transmitted to you. So keep in mind that their feelings and doubts maybe passed on to you. But also remember that those do not apply to you and what you are capable of doing. Finally it is important to do what you yourself think is right for your achieving success.
  • THINK OF THE POSITIVE AND SUCCESS : Always think of success in a positive manner which can be achieved. Think of it in the present tense and which you are working on. The people you are interacting with are also important as positivity breeds positivity. Other things that help breed success are interests and activities that breed positivity in our life. It could be in a sport you are involved in, where you win, a course you completed or just being in an activity you enjoy.

Self reflection helps us to determine what we can do to improve our lives in a positive manner to achieve what we want. The mind help us to focus and also directs our actions in the right direction towards achievement.

By unlocking the power of our mind we are working with our subconscious mind to find solutions to our problems. It is giving our mind a purpose and direction to focus on. When we combine these two we can access the power of our mind to create what we desire. We can be creative and move towards the path to achieving success with our mind power.

Remember, “ If you truely want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind ” – Donald Altman


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