POSITIVE thinking

On the other hand, positive thinking does not imply that we would ignore the unpleasant situations that may arise in our life. It would just mean that our thoughts and approach towards our life would be more optimistic, we would be confident in our approach towards any unpleasant or disagreeable circumstances and also deal with them in a more constructive and productive manner. Our thinking would be focused on expecting the best to happen and not the worst. By having an optimistic attitude, we would focus on the good aspects of any given situation. This would also not mean that we would ignore the realities and try to make light of any problems. It would simply imply that our approach towards the situations that arise in our life would be with the expectation that everything will go well and end up good.

All that we have said above sounds great, but there are many people who are naturally more pessimistic and are inclined to expect the worse in any situation. This could be seen as a personality trait, but we should work on this as a skill which we can use to learn from and also benefit from. Whenever we notice a negative thinking pattern in ourselves, we should try to stop it and modify our thinking process to positive. With practice we can train ourselves to focus on positive thoughts and outlooks.


In order to build a satisfying and rewarding life we need to master our emotions and to gain control over our thoughts, be it negative or positive. It is essential to embrace the power of our mindset and move it away from negative to positive. By mastering our emotions we can transform ourselves and build a more fulfilling life. Some of the ways we can embrace positive thinking are :

  1. MODIFY OUR OUTLOOK : Our attitude and outlook towards life governs the thoughts which come to our mind and also how we feel and react to them. Our mindset influences how we feel, think, and behave in any situation. It also governs how we react to each other. We can always make a choice and focus on the positives or the negatives of any situation. If we choose to make negative choices, we will attract more negativity in our lives and end up eroding our relationships. On the other hand, if we focus on the positives in our life, we will reframe our thoughts to be more open and gratifying plus enjoy a more confident and constructive attitude.
  2. ADOPT A POSITIVE STANCE :   Our posture and bearing depict a picture of how we are feeling and how we see ourselves. Always remember that our body language shows and communicates messages to others about our current state of mind. It shows whether we have had a bad day, whether we are sad or angry etc etc. On the other hand it also shows a positive picture if we depict a picture of strength, happiness and vigor. As soon as we start depicting a power pose we will also project a positive mindset. With that we will observe that others we are interacting with will also respond to us in a positive manner.
  3. DEVELOP OUR INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL : How do we react to different situations which take place in our lives ? Do we blame others of the circumstances when something bad happens? Many people believe that luck, fate, outside help or other external factors are responsible for their success. Such people do not accept responsibility for their actions and instead put the results of their failures on others. On the other hand, people who possess an internal locus of control look to themselves for any solutions. They also believe that based on the actions they take, they are responsible for the results. This thinking helps to develop confidence in ourself and with that a positive mindset that helps to empower us to change what is in our control. This internal locus of control is a key trait of successful people. 
  4. CHANGE OUR VOCABULARY : Positive thinking is not related to thoughts only but also to the words we choose to communicate those thoughts. The words we choose to communicate have an impact on our mindset and also our emotions. Our dialogue with others impact how others respond to us and if our own dialogue is positive we will get a positive reaction. One easy way to do so is to be conscious of negative words we might be using and find a positive alternative to use instead. It might seem difficult but starting with a few words will help to get into the flow of using positive language.
  5. BUILD OUR CONFIDENCE : Many of us have an inbuilt fear and become agitated in some situations. It could be related to something as simple as making a presentation or pressing for a raise at work. Lack of confidence in our abilities could be the main cause and this may cause self-doubt in our own abilities. We may begin to question our skill set and wonder if we will ever be able to achieve our goals. Self doubt is rooted in the fear of failure, so we may avoid making the effort to achieve our goals. Having these negative thoughts and reactions will only make us stagnate. Remember, even if you fail you will still gain from the experience and learn. 


By thinking positively we can change our life. Many studies have been carried out and findings have proved that positive thinking helps us to reduce loneliness by making more friends, enjoy better health and live longer amongst many other benefits. Apart from these it was also found that the most life changing impact of positive thinking is the Law of Attraction. This is the philosophy that positive thoughts bring positive results in a persons life , while on the other hand, negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. Remember that when a person focuses on the positive things and thoughts the results are amazing and the whole world opens up to us.

We can keep our mind on a positive trend by a series of actions we can take every day. It may not come easy but when we start to reap the benefits of the power of positive thinking we will find it worth the effort.  One simple way is to start your day with meditation and train your attention to achieve a mental state of calm concentration and positive emotions. Another method is by affirmations which means by making positive statements which we make to ourselves that shift our mindset to empower ourselves.

This quote brings it all together, “Keep my word positive. Words become my behaviors. Keep my behaviors positive. Behaviors become my habits. Keep my habits positive. Habits become my values. Keep my values positive. Values become my destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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