Work SMART – Not Hard

time magtIn today’s fast moving world a major problem being faced by most people is having too much work and not enough time to do it. What is the solution ? The most basic solution is to fine-tune your time-management skills. It is only by using your working hours more efficiently, that you will be able to manage all you have to do and not come under an attack of stress.

Not only will you be more in control of your life but also more secure in your job and simultaneously able to manage your private life as well. Infact you will be able to find the time to relax, enjoy your hobbies and LIFE.

However it all starts with WORK – are you feeling overwhelmed at work ? If so try out the following tips which will help you to stay on top of your work and in charge of your life.

Make a to-do list of all you need to do so that you can easily keep track of your assignments and projects, if any. Regularly review the list to see whether you are on track and if necessary prioritize to ensure that you can complete all your work on time. In the current electronic era its very easy to use calendars, planners etc to do so.

• THE 80 : 20 RULE
Using this method to strategize your work will really contribute and add value to your work. Question yourself – which part of your work is of most value to yourself and your employer. After you have identified it, focus your time and energy on those areas first. Then go on to do the rest.

If you have reportees learn to utilize the resources provided to you by delegating to your subordinates at work. The same principle maybe applied at home as well where if your children are sufficiently grown up, you may utilize them to help where possible.

In order to be effective remember and apply this rule: Tuck it, transfer it or trash it. First thing in the morning, look over every letter, memo or e-mail message you get. If it’s important, handle it asap by putting in a folder marked “URGENT” or delegate it to someone else to take care of. If it’s irrelevant or something you’ll never look at again, trash it. Handle your mail the same way at home. This will reduce your clutter and help you focus.

This should be your set time for making phone calls and interacting with colleagues. Having a time slot assigned for these activities will ensure your friends and colleagues will not bother you at other times, unless its really urgent.

You can be much more effective at beginning the day if you have spend 15 minutes before going to bed to going over what needs to be done the next day. It will help to kick start your day to an effective beginning and help you achieve much more.

FINALLY, no matter how much you may plan your schedule, the number of hours in the day will always remain the same. Its only by adjusting your habits, that you can buy more time for the things that matter most.


3 thoughts on “Work SMART – Not Hard

  1. Work Smart-Not Hard is a well said adage.My view is Work Smart-Not just Hard.I strongly believe that smartness alone may not suffice in real challenging situations and one needs to do his best to translate smartness into achievable goals.


  2. Very true. Making lists for personal tasks are essential for time management as well. Lists are the best way to prioritize and visually see all the tasks you have to accomplish.


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