PEER Relationships

peer relIn a working environment relationships are very important – if you are employed in a 9 am to 5 pm job you will be spending a major chunk of your working week at your workplace, in fact more time at work than at home with your family or with your friends. Therefore the importance of having an environment which is friendly, relaxed and stress free is key to promoting performance.

Also keep in mind that apart from subordinates and your direct manager, having an effective and good working relationship with peers is crucial for you to be successful in your job.

If you are a Manager, promoting and developing positive peer relationships are one of the most valuable things you can promote in the work environment.


  • COLLABORATION : Consider working together with colleagues and your manager for the benefit of your department and achieving its goals. Engage with them to obtain clarity regarding objectives and your role. Take full ownership of your part and provide necessary support to the others when required. Working with a sense of camaraderie will encourage support and enjoyment making it easier to achieve even tough goals.
  • TRUST & RESPECT : Create and work in an environment of trust and respect with your peers. Remember to always adopt a professional attitude especially if a conflict situation arises. Sometimes issues or problems may arise which are related to your peers work and it is important to engage, discuss and support resolution of the problem with them directly.The last thing that you should do is to bring these  to the notice of your Manager.
  • LOYALTY : Remember loyalty is with people not with organizations therefore employees with strong bonds of camaraderie are more likely to remain loyal to their Manager and team and as a result  stay longer with a company. In environments where there are strong bonds with peers it breeds loyalty.This is very important for managers who may want to retain valuable employees.
  • MOTIVATION : An indirect benefit close peer relationships is the potential for peer pressure to act as a positive motivational force in the workplace. A study found that 58 percent of the happiest employees recognize and encourage their peers’ success. Recognition provides positive peer influence, and solidifies the notion that good work is valued by everyone in the company. No one can force employees to build friendships, but a company can establish a culture of appreciation and recognition. In addition to being there to celebrate the good times, peers / friends at work offer a support system when things get tough as support from colleagues at work is instrumental in helping face life’s challenges.
  • BONDING : Its very obvious that we all tend to take it for granted. It’s a big advantage to get to know your peers well. You can take a genuine interest in their lives even to the extent of spending time with them in a relaxed setting outside of the office such as going out for lunch/dinner together, playing games, or sharing common interests etc. It could even be extended to family level where whole families meet and establish a friendship – this contributes strongly and helps to build a rapport which will go a long way towards establishing a situation of mutual respect and consideration among each other.
  • ENGAGEMENT : Peer relations and friendships show a direct contribution to the level of engagement in an organization. Employees with multiple friends at work tend to remain the most highly engaged. Employees are willing to go the extra mile, which contributes to the success of the organization. Since an employee’s engagement level affects nearly every aspect of their work, it’s crucial to ensure that the organization provides an environment that promotes and encourages the development of strong peer relationships in the workplace and help build stronger bonds within the organization.

Take some steps — build peer relationships and rapport which will go a long way towards establishing a situation of mutual respect and consideration among each other in the organization.


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