Having an adaptable mind is essential in today’s world to meet the ever changing challenges which present themselves. We all know that our skills of today may not be able to solve the problems of tomorrow. So, we need to constantly adapt our self, be ready to learn new skills and also be flexible in order to be successful in our jobs.

Adaptability is a personality trait and it helps us to ascertain how we respond to the changes which are taking place around us. A higher level of adaptability ensures a greater amount of business success. Those people who possess greater adaptability are considered as more “flexible” also as “versatile”. Being flexible is an attitude through which we reflect our willingness to change. On the other hand, versatility is more based on the ability we posses to actually make a change. We may naturally be capable of being adaptable or vice versa but on the other hand we can also consciously make a decision to be more flexible in our ideas as well as our expectations. What will happen over time is that a conscious shift in our outlook will make us better at adjusting to the changes we need to face from time to time.

There are many benefits to being adaptable both at work and in our personal lives. These include the following :

• GREATER HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION : The most important benefit of being adaptable in increased level of happiness. Our life constantly brings up psychological challenges, some of us give in as we may feel hopeless and unable to face those challenges. Others rise up to meet those challenges and learn from them. So, being adaptable means that you possess the skills and ability to change yourself even if the situation is unchangeable. With it being satisfied with our life and being happy depends on our ability to adapt to any situation.
• REBOUND FROM ADVERSITY : Life is full of hardships and misfortunes as well, but being adaptable helps us to take things in our stride. It enables us to adjust our thoughts, feelings and expectations and face up to the new situation instead of dwelling on the past and wishing for things that could have been. It also means that we can be more resilient and flexible enough to mould ourselves to the new requirements. We would spend less time trying to change our circumstances and instead focus on adjusting our attitude and expectations, which would bring us greater success.
• POSSESS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE : Employees who can adapt themselves based on the requirements of the workplace are valuable assets in an organization. Employers want and also learn to value such employees. The days of doing things as they were always done are gone. Employers value employees who are open to new ideas and can adapt themselves to an ever-changing workplace. Adaptable employees display an open mind, are ready to listen and accept new ideas and approaches, and can come up with creative ways to solve problems. Most important they also possess the flexibility to adjust their behaviours and actions to meet current and future work demands.
• BE A BETTER LEADER : Employees who are adaptable can excel as leaders and lead and inspire their teams to outperform. Leaders know that change is a constant and they do not shy away from it. They embrace change, remain positive in face of adversity and keep their teams motivated and focused in tough times. Such leaders inspire their team, earn the respect of their peers and also are at the front seat helping the organization go through a transition. The leadership qualities in such people have adaptability at the centre and they rely on their ability to adapt to and embrace change. The ability to be flexible and adaptable are also core qualities for such leaders and the success factors which come into play in difficult situations.
• JOB CHANGES : Employees who are adaptable are more likely to be chosen for changes in their job. An employer will evaluate the talent available and choose an employee who is flexible and adaptable for job enrichment, job rotation and enlargement. These opportunities will benefit you a lot in the long run as it will groom you to take on higher level tasks and responsibilities. It will enhance and broaden your exposure and also make you a more valuable employee to your current employer as well as open better opportunities for the future.

The ability to adapt is most likely to become even more important in the future as things are moving more rapidly. In a survey, 91 percent of HR Directors have predicted that the ability of a candidate to deal with change will be a major component in the recruitment process.

So, if you want to gain a competitive edge in the future job market and display your marketable skills to your present and prospective employers cultivate the ability to be adaptable and be successful.


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