Productivity Skills – for success

Even at home we are all so busy as there are always multiple things to do – bills to pay, shopping for groceries and other items, children to take care of, housework and of course, the pressures of our jobs. How to manage these effectively and still find some time for ourselves is key to living a happy life.  However, there are ways in which we can modify this to be more effective, as some of the key elements used to do so are in our own control and something we can change.

For employees in today’s workplace it is essential to have a command over the types of skills that help them to be more valuable and prolific as that is the key to succeeding in their career. These skills will help them increase efficiency in any job or area of expertise and improve their career prospects.

Some of the key skills are :

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT – The famous cliché “Time is money” by Benjamin Franklin is ageless and stands equally today. By making proper use of our time we can make ourselves more productive. The most important step to take is prioritizing our work so that we are clearly aware of the important or urgent jobs or responsibilities we may have, that need to be focused on. With this it is also essential to organize oneself, by keeping a clear sorted desktop and planning our day. Make sure that you are in control of any distractions by switching your phone to silent, turning off notifications and ensuring that you are not being disturbed by messages or emails. These steps will ensure that you remain focused on the work at hand and can concentrate on getting it done.
  2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Another skill that is not only necessary but in my opinion crucial for boosting productivity levels is possessing clear communication skills. You may wonder how, but the fact remains that productivity is inextricably linked to our dealings and interactions with others, be it our colleagues at work or family members at home. If we are unable to send and receive information that is clear to the people we are working with, we will face delays and setbacks which will have an impact on our own productivity. In the same manner, ambiguous communication with family and friends only cause misunderstandings. So by developing and using clear and succinct writing and active listening skills we will definitely understand our work requirements better and boost our productivity.
  3. BEING PROACTIVE – This means that we anticipate what might happen and plan beforehand instead of waiting and reacting to conditions as they arise. A proactive person can boost their productivity at work as they are on top of things and do not waste their time and effort to do any firefighting. Some of the basic methods to be more proactive are to streamline your work and develop methods to do your work faster and more efficiently. These also include being aware of and focusing on your major duties and responsibilities, knowing the company policies and procedures, being conscious of the functions of other departments, avoiding duplication of work and waste of time and resources . Finally, most important collaborating with others.  Remember that a proactive employee thinks ahead, acts ahead and gets ahead.
  4. SOUND DECISION MAKING – We may have the impression that some people are born decision makers and that it is an inherent trait possessed by the few who are successful and productive. But, that is not true, as we can all improve our decision making abilities by using some predetermined steps in the process. The first among these is to limit the options by analyzing them and then focusing on the most promising ones. Once this has been done, analyze and study the selected options in depth to get a better insight of the best option. Make your choice based on the requirements at hand and your past experiences. By following a process to decide and adapt best options, you will cut down on the time spent on decision making and increase your productivity producing better results.
  5. TAKE THE INITIATIVE – Taking the lead as required, to begin to work on your own initiative at the right time to develop a product, project or idea for the benefit of the department or company and also increase your own productivity and worth. It is employees who are motivated who go out of their way to take initiatives as required and do not wait to be told what to do. Such employees also benefit by gaining energy and drive which propels them to move forward, help their peers if requires and accomplish great results. Their productivity knows no boundaries and they are always willing to take on greater challenges. These employees have an inner motivation which pushes them to the fore.

Ultimately it is those who have an inner motivation to do well in their jobs and with it also have a happy and fulfilling life that learn to manage things in a better manner and seek fulfillment. By managing things better, being less stressed and more productive they are more successful in life.

Employers look to hire employees with the soft skills which contribute to building more productive and effective teams. As, ultimately all Companies look towards gaining an edge over the competition and improving their overall return on investment.  


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