Beginnings and Endings


New beginings

The year ends and at the beginning of each new year we get a fresh page to write on, a page that is waiting for us to fill with our dreams, aspirations and goals.
Its time to ask yourself :
– What should I do to help me achieve my goals ?
– Have I been using old and irrelevant ideas from the past years ?
– Am I using an ineffective approach ?
It is only by questioning yourself that you will become aware of what you need to write for the new year.

The beginning of a year brings a special atmosphere that motivates all of us to take action, and that’s – an opportunity! It’s a time to review old opportunities which we may have forgotten and also think of new ones which may help us achieve our goals.

We can do so by :
1. Self examination
This is one of the major tools that will allow you to grow and develop and there is no better way to make a fresh beginning. Self examination allows you to review the past year and be clear as to what worked and what did not.
Remember, self examination is your own history of previous years and if you don’t study and analyse your history – you are doomed to repeat it.
2. Try new things
Be ready to come out of your comfort zone. In terms of a new job, if you feel you need a change, a new hobby, a new plan for your self-development etc. Changes can be large or small but even small changes ultimately lead to better things.
The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to make a change and gain new experiences with which you build the future of your life and realize your dreams.
3. Network more effectively.
Building relationships and networking “effectively” is a very important stance to maintain for future growth in your career. Be helpful and supportive, willing to share information and provide value, within a professional context.
4. Embrace a more positive and proactive attitude.
Developing a behavior in terms of positive thinking can only help exude a positive energy which in turn will only work in your favor.
You can only make progress with a proactive frame of mind. On the other hand if you are reactive, you will likely stay in one place, constantly “putting out fires” or dealing with “the emergency of the day.” Shifting into a proactive mode will help create momentum and provide you with the impetus you need to tackle the future.
5. Set new goals
Finally one has to set goals as it is only the setting of goals that will help you focus and give you the strength to continue in spite of the any difficulties which may come up.
The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to set yourself some new goals so that you know where you will be going during the year.

I wish you and your loved ones – a year full of success and happiness where all your dreams are fulfilled…….


1 thought on “Beginnings and Endings

  1. Great blog entry. This advice can be helpful during the year just not in the beginning of the year. This way both our personal and work life can stay fresh and dynamic.


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