key successIn the highly competitive world of today it is becoming more and more complex to be successful – be it at work or generally in your life. Both these areas are closely linked and success in one area promotes and supports success in the other as well. So putting in the extra efforts and doing your best to secure your share of success is vital.

Normally we try to copy someone else who is successful and hope that the same formula works for us but we are all separate individuals with different talents and skills so if we truly want to be successful building our own blueprint for our career and personal success is best. Do a little soul searching and create your own – there is a much higher possibility of success and you might be surprised by the results which come about.

Some of the keys to success are :

  • Follow Your Passion

Choose a career which requires the skills you are interested in and good at and build a career for which you have a passion. Many people who rise in their careers and achieve professional greatness are those who follow what they are passionate about. Unfortunately most people don’t know what their real interests are. It’s very common in Pakistan that youth are guided by parents in selecting a course of study and their initial career. If it is not a career of one’s own interest sometimes this ends in changing careers midstream. So it is important that one chooses an area which one is good at and interests one.  That’s what your profession should be and where you should be building your career.

As Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ‘

  • Grow your skills – grow yourself

We all want to grow in our jobs and also achieve greater job responsibilities. In order to do so, it is key to be focused on what you need to do to achieve it. Your success in the long run will depend on the skills and abilities you develop within yourself so that you can sell to your Manager and company what you can offer them and bring to the table. Invest time and do whatever is required to acquire the skills that will help take you to the next level. Remember that you cannot copy the success of others, you have to tailor make it to your own measurements.

  • Stand out

Within your team, if you are also doing the same thing as everyone else, it’s hard to highlight yourself, be successful and move forward. It is important to find the edge, be different and move upward  – thats how you will come to the notice of your Manager and get what you want. Whether it is in terms of a better salary increase, a more responsible position or just a sense of personal satisfaction. It is the extraordinary person who attracts them all.

  • MAKE change

Don’t wait for change to take place in your job, instead make it a habit to innovate, make change and always try to stay ahead. Be the one in your team to think differently, take the initiative and to come up with new ideas for doing things better and more effectively at your workplace. Develop the courage to advance your ideas and implement them. That’s what will make you noticed and open the way to moving on.

  •  Collaborate

One of the best ways to advance your career is to think about how you can support and help others succeed. When your team wins, you win along with it. Along with your team you build a strong foundation for your own success. Remember It’s not all about you–when you’re a team player, whether you get credit or not is irrelevant. What really matters is that as a member of the team you are doing a good job and achieving your goals as well as the teams. Making others look good and successful whether it is your boss, colleague or other team members will return to you and success will also come back multifold.

  • Find a Mentor

Very often you will find that those people who are successful and can accomplish what they aim for in life credit their success to a mentor who has been available to guide and advise them to reach where they are. Whatever you are aiming for, find a mentor who has expertise and can guide you in that area. Having a mentor to guide you will help you to achieve your goal and reach your destination faster than if you struggled and tried to reach it alone.

In Pakistan this sort of relationship is not common – but try it, be active about finding a mentor and achieve what you want in life.

  • Be Resilient

Things do not always work out the way you wish and sometimes plan.  We have to confront hurdles and at times there are distractions and stumbling blocks in the way which have to be dealt with. However the key to success to be determined, persist and move forward with courage. At times everyone around you may try to convince you to give up. In such circumstances continue to focus on your goals as long as you are convinced that you can make a success of things and the reasons for doing so remain valid.

Finally  “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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