FEAR of delegation


It is a common human trait that we only trust our self to do things correctly and hesitate to entrust the task to another person. Although you may understand the fact that delegation is a very powerful skill that can be used to boost your own productivity as well as that of the team, yet most of us hesitate and continue to resist the act of delegation.

Especially in the corporate environment of Pakistan it is my own observation that Managers resist delegating for a number of reasons. They fear that things will not be done properly and up to required standards, timelines could be missed and most pertinent that they may be perceived as redundant if their employees can do the work for themselves. Not realizing that they are setting themselves up for failure if they do not delegate.

As one rises up and moves to higher positions at work you soon begin to realize that it will slowly become impossible to do everything yourself. Your job description will change and with greater responsibilities you will be unable to deliver unless you have a competent team you can rely on and trust to do their job well. Not only that, you will not be able to move up until someone in your team is groomed and ready to take over your responsibilities.

So let go of being a control freak and start delegating. Very soon you will begin to realize the benefits of doing so and also see what a big difference it starts to make in your own job and career. PLUS how your boss and peers start to perceive you as a leader.

Keeping the above in mind, you will find below some inarguable reasons to expand your level of delegation :

  • HELPS MANAGE WORKLOAD : As one grows in an organization being able to delegate is key to managing your new responsibilities without getting overwhelmed by the additional work. By delegating the earlier responsibilities to the person you may have groomed to take them over you will be able to concentrate on the higher functions related to your new role.
  • HELPS BUILD CONFIDENCE AND ABILITY : By grooming your employees and delegating new jobs and responsibilities to them, you will improve their self confidence and abilities. Not only that by having a team of trained and confident subordinates the performance of the department will become higher and you will get the time to focus on your own development and performance – ultimately leading to your own further growth.
  • HELPS SPEED UP DECISION MAKING : Things get done on time, as with a greater level of delegation employees do not have to wait to check with their managers before taking a decision. They know that they can make a decision on their own and will be sure enough to go ahead and get things done.
  • HELPS BUILD CONFIDENCE: Effective and regulated delegation also builds the confidence level in employees and they will feel much more responsible when they make decisions themselves. Employees will feel a greater level of job satisfaction and be ready to put in extra efforts to do a better job.
  • HELPS MAKE BETTER CHOICES AND DECISIONS : The person who is actually doing a job has the best knowledge and view of the facts involved. So, that employee will be able to give the best feedback and outlook leading to the department making better choices and decisions and doing a better job overall.
  • HELPS TO DEVELOP SKILLS : The need to delegate indirectly pushes a manager to focus on the development of the team. Before delegating any job the manager will need to train and develop the requisite skills required to do the job. Indirectly leading to a better developed and trained team who will be able to make a better contribution to the results of the department and advance in their own careers.
  • HELPS BUILD COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORK : Delegating leads to a greater team spirit and group effort. With sharing of skills and working together towards a common goal, employees are also motivated to do their best adding up to the better image of the department and manager concerned.

FINALLY, putting it very simply, delegation is an essential leadership skill in todays world. So, put aside your fears and start to delegate. You will not only create a team that you can be proud of. You will play a major role in developing your employees, developing managers and leaders of the future and also building a reputation of being a better leader yourself.


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