BELIEVE in yourself

The main ingredient in this is to have faith and believe in one self, plus to live up to the values and objectives you have set for yourself. Set your aspirations high and focus on achieving them. If you do so, you will build your self confidence and can be successful, ultimately achieving your aims.

Believing in one self is the first step a person can take to being successful. It is only when a person is hesitant and uncertain of their abilities and skills that they are uneasy about achieving their goals. It is by self belief that we find the courage to move forward and take action on our goals. Never compromise on your abilities and potential by entertaining any doubts on your ability to achieve. Instead, believe in yourself; be confident that you can really do anything that you want to achieve and then go about attaining it.

Some key steps you can take to increase your belief in yourself is by :

  • UTILIZING YOUR CAPABILITIES – Recognize your abilities especially having the knowledge of your strengths and also knowing where you need to focus and improve, leads to being successful. If you only focus on strengths and try to ignore weaknesses, it might hinder some activities where those areas to improve are needed, to be successful. It is uncertainty and ignorance that make a person uncomfortable and they lack confidence to go ahead and do certain activities. But acknowledging ones strengths lead you to be adept at doing those activities and this leads you to be successful in those areas.
  • HAVING CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF – Be self assured and have faith and trust in your in your instincts. Trust in what you know and be confident of your abilities in that area and you will find that other people will also do so. If you show conviction and belief in your capabilities – even if you do not possess much experience – you will receive a positive reaction. Be ready to try out new things, It is by doing so that a person learns to progress and update their skills. It is only by believing in yourself and having confidence in your abilities that you move up the ladder of success in your career and life.  
  • A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – It is a person’s attitude which determines their expectations and is also a reflection of beliefs and expectations. If you believe in your ability to succeed you will view everything that happens as positive and contributing towards your success. Also, if you develop and maintain a positive mental attitude towards your colleagues, friends and family they will tend to respond positively to you as well. These factors will lead to being an optimistic person who is confident, cheerful and poised who is sure of their selves and of being successful. You will attract others towards yourself and they will want to be part of your team at work, friends in your personal life and also close to you as family.
  • DOING POSITIVE ACTIONS – Feel good and also motivated by doing positive actions, as actions which are carried out by us on the outside are a reflection of our beliefs and expectations from others. What we do in life is reflected by what we achieve and our success or failures in life and work are all determined by our inner thoughts and actions. If you show positive actions like gratitude and appreciate the efforts of others at the workplace it will encourage your team to perform at higher levels. Leaders who are positive are popular and gain the trust and support of other colleagues and their team members which leads to achieving greater success in the workplace.
  • ACCEPTING FAILURE BREEDS SUCCESS – Be ready to accept setbacks and do not deter yourself from continuing to focus on your goals. Carry on; put in the required efforts and your determination will win at the end. The action of ‘continuing’ will breed faith in your abilities to succeed. Learn to believe in yourself, your abilities and skills and have faith that your contribution is important and mattered. If you stick to your beliefs and opinions and continue to work on them, you will soon realize that failure is a bridge to accomplishing your goals.   
  • BEING OPEN – Many talented people come up with methods to solve problems in a new way. Having faith and believing in your abilities to ‘think out of the box’ can help you to innovate and see a different way of doing things no one has done before. Sometimes you need to explore many unworkable ideas before you arrive at a really effective and feasible one. As a leader it is important to be open to all ideas, otherwise only safe and secure ones will be put forward. It is by believing in oneself that a person can create a culture where creativity is encouraged and risk taking with boldness is also supported.

If a person continues to tell themselves that they believe in their own capabilities, it begins to happen and your opinion becomes a reality. You start to develop a belief in your potential. It is so simple, just accept yourself as the person you really are not as someone others would like you to be. We all have our own specific abilities and skills which contribute to our uniqueness.

When a person begins their career, no one knows what they might ultimately do or become. Sometimes it may require courage to believe in one self, but focusing on your talents, developing them and using them to your best advantage all contribute to your personality and growth.

 Ultimately the bottom line is – “The first secret of success: Believe in Yourself. Nothing changes in your life until you believe you can do things that are important to you. And if you have a low opinion of yourself, nobody else is likely to raise it.”― Steve Goodier

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