STOP Overthinking

thinkingDoes anything hold you back from what you really want to do in life ? The one thing that may hold you back is the tendency to think too much. We keep on overthinking every little thing to the extent that it keeps getting bigger and bigger in our minds until it reaches a point that we are scared away from doing it.

What impact does this have on our lives ? Of course one needs to think things through but being an overthinker can result in becoming someone who ultimately stands still in life without achieving anything. I used to think a lot and then at some point I realized that it was holding me back and that I was not being able to achieve what I wanted to do. Slowly I learned how to categorize things so that small matters are dealt with automatically. Remember that overthinking is counterproductive to whatever problem you may be trying to solve.

In the workplace we tend to as a matter of routine keep thinking how to begin any task no matter how routine it is. This ends in wasting our time and lowering our productivity. Overthinking is really detrimental to our workplace focus and should be eliminated. We should form positive habits and be goal and result oriented,  that will make a big difference in our level of productivity.

Meetings are notoriously known for not getting anything accomplished. We sit and keep on discussing a situation every way possible and sometimes what should really have taken only a small amount of thought and time keeps going round and round in circles without a conclusion.  Such bad meetings go on, never getting to the point and sometimes ending with you wondering why you were even present there. On the other hand an effective meeting leaves the whole team present energized about what has been accomplished – following a focused approach without a lot of overthinking.

There is a difference between thinking about something just enough and thinking about something to the point of analysis-paralysis ending in wasted time and effort.

What can we do to overcome this habit ? Its important that we look at things in their proper perspective. HOW ?

  1. Do not develop the habit of overthinking the minor things in life. If that’s the case, make an effort and snap out of it. Routine things should get done as a matter of routine. Spend your time and energy on important things which really matter to you or are important in your job – THAT’S HOW YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS
  2. Take small steps and focus on getting things done. This habit works really well as taking a step at a time will let you focus and move forward and at the same time you will not be overwhelmed by having too much to do and that will result in – GETTING THINGS DONE
  3. Setting limits for work projects and deadlines for completing jobs yourself also supports your actions. If you let things drift aimlessly without any objectives, guidelines and timelines then it will never get done. Further with these actions you will better manage your time resulting in – INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY
  4. Sometimes when one cannot reach a conclusion it is better to STOP, instead in moving round and round in circles. Move away; go do some other chores or tasks in the office. Come back with a fresh mind the next day, ready to tackle the situation with a new perspective and – ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL
  5. Stop trying to cover all eventualities, this is sometimes the reason we tend to overthink. Realize that we are all human beings and circumstances also keep changing so trying to solve everything at the beginning is just not possible. Do your homework well, complete your work to the best of your ability and then finalize, being satisfied that you have covered everything and – DONE YOUR BEST
  6. When you find that you are stuck in the overthinking mode, get away for a while, take a round of the office, have coffee with a colleague and discuss some other work you may be working on jointly or just relax for a few minutes. Come back  to your project or assignment and get going again, you will find the going easier and will be able to – COMPLETE THE WORK IN RECORD TIME
  7. Make friends and spend time with friends and colleagues you perceive to be doers. This will be a very realistic and down to earth way of stopping your own habit of overthinking in its track. Surrounding yourself with doers will light the way to your own doing and you will become much more – ACTION ORIENTED

Realizing the role over thinking plays in our lives is key to doing something about it. Once you do so and start taking action steps, the benefit will be manifold as your productivity will improve in all spheres of your life and that will contribute to you achieving your life’s goals.


1 thought on “STOP Overthinking

  1. So true. One thing I would highly suggest is to get a therapist. They can provide insight on wht one overthinks and how they can counteract that. It’s always nice to get a third party’s perspective. They can see blind spots that we ourselves can’t see.


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