Building Positive Relationships


Do you want career success ? Building positive relationships is key to achieving it. The relationships you build at work can have a direct impact on your level of job satisfaction, your ability to grow in your job and also for gaining recognition for the work you are doing. The relationships you build help to build a closer bond with the people you are spending a major chunk of your day with.

Having positive and supportive relationships be it at work or home help us feel happier and more satisfied with our lives. Although many people refuse to accept that this is an area one needs to work on – they infact assume that they already know how to do so – but look at it from another angle and realize that even the most outgoing personalities can improve their lives if they improve their skills in this area.

Some tips to interactions with your boss, team members, customers, direct reports and even friends and family which are given below will help you to build better relationships and a more fruitful and fulfilling life :

  1. Speak positively about the people you are interacting with : Get in the habit of speaking positively to others and providing quality feedback about the people who you work with, your friends, and even family members. Others enjoy hearing about the positive feedback given by you as such opinions always come back sooner or later, Children especially always respond positively to such feedback and put in extra effort to achieve more. It also helps to build a higher level of trust
  2. Accept differences :The biggest challenge we experience in relationships is that we are all different each with a personality of their own. We perceive the world and all situations in varied ways. This can prove to be a stumbling block when we try to build relationships as it is our desire that other people will think like we do We feel comfortable with others who can see our point of view. But we need to accept that diversity is key to success in the organization and getting different viewpoints helps in problem solving more effectively.
  3. Listen actively : Everyone responds to those who are really listening to you be it your colleagues, customers, friends, family etc. Listening is a very crucial skill and by listening to another you are boosting their self esteem. Others respond to those who truly listen to what they have to say and by practicing active listening you will develop the reputation of a person to be trusted.
  4. Be supportive of others :Ask how you can get involved. This will form a closer connection because you are working directly with them to help them meet their goals. They will appreciate your support and get to know you better which is vital to creating a more connected working relationship.
  5. Develop empathy : As quoted by Maya Angelou “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Understanding and sympathy helps to build connections between people. It is a process of relating to another person’s feelings without blaming, advising or trying to fix the situation. By building positive relationships with others we will feel supported as well as happier and more fulfilled.
  6. Appreciate others : Always appreciate others help, support and work. Colleagues and team members like to be appreciated for their contributions and doing so will help to strengthen the bond between you. Even a pat on the back or a short thank you note can work wonders. In substantial cases formal acknowledgement can be made which will boost support and performance. At home appreciating a good meal by your spouse or class performance / chores done well by the kids will bolster their self esteem and help to grow and bond relationships.
  7. Give and take feedback : Develop the ability to give constructive feedback to others. This will help them develop their personal potential and also build a mutually beneficial relationship with you. The other side of the coin is that any feedback received personally is free information provided to you and it is up to you to work on it or not. Feedback gives one a different perspective and sometimes helps one focus on blind spots one is totally unaware of which may be hindering ones progress.
  8. Socializing and celebrating : Getting to know your colleagues and their interests helps to build relationships which may go further into a friendship. Continue interacting with the person you have gotten to know. As you get to know each other better, personally and professionally, you establish a closer connection that can greatly impact your satisfaction. Getting together informally at lunch or even dinner maybe with family members as well, contributes to developing the level of engagement within the organization. Departmental celebrations of small events be it birthdays, completion of a project or any other event also contributes to an environment where employees are projected to be valued boosting the positive culture prevailing in the organization. The same applies to friends and family.

Ultimately, the benefit to the organization and personal lives of people are what matter. Therefore building positive relationships with others in the work place often provides increased resources to managers to help them be more efficient and also get their job done. At home and with other family members it will contribute to positive, loving and interactive relationships. You will enjoy greater satisfaction at work, while at home a more satisfied and bonded family life … and so will all those around you.


1 thought on “Building Positive Relationships

  1. Very true. Building positive relationships boosts your self-esteem and increases your job satisfaction. Also, meeting your co-workers outside work can build friendships and bonds that help your career.


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