Motivating Yourself

motivateThere always comes a time in our lives when we need that extra push to keep ourselves going, be it in our personal life or at our workplace. Our level of motivation may increase or decrease in any or all walks of our life due to a variety of factors.

PERSONAL LIFE : At this level it could be due to not being able to achieve what one wants to in life be it in terms of education, family, social life, earning capacity etc. In order to get going you would then need to analyze the cause and see what you can do about it. Because if you do not then it would only lead to a downward spiral in the level of motivation and ultimately you would get stuck in a rut with no ways of getting of it.

It is only natural that in life there are ups and downs, be it at work or life in general. But remember that these peaks and valleys which are taking place in your life are not only the good times and bad times which are happening, but what really matters and governs these circumstances are how you are feeling them inside you and how you respond to these events. We can always control the downs in our life by what we believe and what we do about it.

Remember that a positive attitude always contributes to changing things. If you maintain a positive attitude about achieving what you want and being successful in general, you will be motivated to take the required steps. On the other hand if you have a pessimistic approach and only see the negatives and obstacles, your level of motivation will only continue to diminish. So always remember that POSITIVITY BREEDS SUCCESS.

AT WORK : A high level of motivation helps you to achieve greater productivity levels and also an improved quality of work. Not only that, a high level of motivation also helps you achieve more in the workplace.

However if you find that you are apathetic and lack enthusiasm going to work, you need to analyze the reasons for it and see what can be done to help you get back on track. If it turns out that going to work is a continuous battle for you, day in and day out, then perhaps its time that you need to explore the options of either changing your job, for one which interests you more, or even changing the company you are working for.

On the other hand one can try out some MOTIVATIONAL TIPS to get going :

  1. Try to start you day on a positive note by setting one positive goal which you know you can achieve. After achieving that, it will help motivate you to move on to other tasks and towards further success.
  2. Move into action physically by going around the office for a few minutes to renew your energy level, as sometimes just seeming to take action helps motivate a person to start working on a job.
  3. Curb any negative thoughts which come to your mind about your job. Instead you can rephrase those thoughts to a positive note by removing negative words from your dictionary eg. Failure, loss, irresponsible etc etc
  4. Take extra care to be well dressed, so that colleagues praise you and help boost your pride in yourself. Spend on yourself as an extra inducement to go to work feeling motivated and ready to work hard.
  5. Always focus on what you are doing well to motivate yourself in other areas of your job. Also spotlight your job and workplace successes at every opportunity to encourage yourself to aspire to further successes.

Finally its equally important to take care of yourself at other levels such as :

  1. Try to reduce your stress levels to be in a better position to deal with your work. Also learn to relax and breathe deeply when required to energize yourself. Always try to visualize success and successful completion of a job to help keep stress levels in check.
  2. Always keep yourself fit by taking care of your physical fitness through a regular exercise program. Try to eat a balanced and healthy diet and most important get sufficient sleep so that you awake fresh and alert every morning. When you feel physically fit you will be in a better position to handle your job responsibilities and stay motivated at work.

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