Do you get the feeling that you are not getting enough work done at office ? You might be sitting late to catch up, while your friends and colleagues are able to finish and do not need to spend so much time working. Is it your fault or something else ?

Have you ever given thought as to what’s behind this lack of productivity? There are many possible options including maybe lack of required skills for the job, new technology, inefficient management and poor communication.

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Get more done by SPRINTS

sprintThe working environment in these times is becoming an overload which often causes a distraction, as we struggle to cope with and focus on what is really important. The more focused we are, the more we can get done with a higher quality of work produced.

A basic method to increase quality of work is improving the ability to focus. Creating a sense of mindfulness of what one is doing helps to improve focus and at the same time increase the ability to produce meaningful accomplishments at the end of the day.

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Motivating Yourself

motivateThere always comes a time in our lives when we need that extra push to keep ourselves going, be it in our personal life or at our workplace. Our level of motivation may increase or decrease in any or all walks of our life due to a variety of factors.

PERSONAL LIFE : At this level it could be due to not being able to achieve what one wants to in life be it in terms of education, family, social life, earning capacity etc. In order to get going you would then need to analyze the cause and see what you can do about it. Because if you do not then it would only lead to a downward spiral in the level of motivation and ultimately you would get stuck in a rut with no ways of getting of it.

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Importance of first impressions

first-impression-3They say that it takes maybe only three seconds, for you to evaluate another person when you meet for the first time. During this short span of time, you form your opinion about the other based on many things which you are subconsciously evaluating, which may include – overall appearance, dressing, body language, behaviour, mannerisms, etc.

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult or in fact nearly impossible to reverse or undo these first impressions therefore making these first meetings extremely important, for it is this interaction which may set the tone for the relationship that follows in the future.

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Use a Stick or a Carrot ?

carrotMotivating people to do their best work, is the greatest challenge being faced by Managers & executives in today’s corporate world. In fact it is a centuries-old problem which has been been addressed as far back as Aristotle’s time.

From time to time management gurus continue to revisit the issue of motivation. Some new research states that the brain chemicals that control behavior indicates that both punishment and reward are necessary for performance.

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Inspire yourself

What makes things happen ?

Answer : ACTION

We all have the tendency to think of what we want to do, what we want to be etc. But the biggest difference with people who are successful in growing, developing and attaining their goals, is that they are constantly taking action.

However action requires energy and to get that energy we need to focus on our self – We need to create that energy.  It’s easy to say but then the question also arises – how can one derive the energy ? The energy needs to come from within our self.

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