Appreciation is a process of showing admiration, gratitude as well as recognition of another person’s effort. We should realize its importance, as by doing so not only do we help others be more motivated and productive but we also become a better person our self.

We need to recognize that the practice of appreciation is a powerful art, and that it should be done in such a manner that it appears to be authentic and genuine. If it is not done so, the whole process of showing appreciation would become ineffective and useless.

When a person feels that they are genuinely appreciated, their relationships and bond flower – with it their performance and capacity to produce increase.

The importance of appreciation lies in all spheres of our lives – both at home and at work, in helping and maintaining our relationships. Below are ways how you can demonstrate to your loved ones, friends and employees that you value and appreciate them :

  • SAY THANK-YOU – Why is it so important ? we may not be aware of it, but just by saying thank-you to another person whenever they do something for you communicates your appreciation. We tend to take it for granted that our family members will do things for us, however just by saying thank-you you are communicating how much you value them. At work, saying thank-you to a colleague for a job well done will raise a sense of pride and achievement and demonstrate to them that you are valuing and appreciating them. Remember saying thank-you does not take much from your end but it means a lot to the other person.
  • CHERISH RELATIONSHIPS – Developing and maintaining any relationship requires a constant effort, be it personal or professional connections. It requires time, energy and endeavours plus a lot of nurturing so that the relationship develops, gets stronger and can face the ups and downs which may challenge it. Respecting another person and appreciating their worth pays off as they would reciprocate the same and help to strengthen the bond you share. Thus together you will build an unshakable relationship and be ready to face the challenges which may come up.
  • PUBLIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Recognizing and acknowledging a person for a job well done, is very motivating. Further if that acknowledgement is done in public – even if it is only a pat on the back – it will lead to a higher level of pride and satisfaction. Giving public acknowledgement shows the other members of the team, the department and in many cases the organization that you are valued for your performance. Further, if done visibly the tribute or acclaim is seen by all and it gives the person concerned a greater sense of pride and achievement. This motivates the employee and also leads to higher levels of performance.
  • MEANINGFUL RESPONSIBILITIES – If you assign special and challenging responsibilities to an employee it shows that you have confidence in their abilities. Being chosen to take on a new responsibility displays that you trust their abilities to deliver. Thus you can awaken a sense of pride and commitment in the employee and challenge them to deliver the required results. When you assign an important and tough challenging task to an employee you also motivate them and simultaneously make a huge credit in their pride and emotions.
  • SEEK ADVICE – When you share your ideas and/or problems with an employee and seek their input you will awaken a sense of pride and importance in them. The employee will envisage a sense of importance and with it appreciate your gesture as well. Obtaining input from another colleague will also give you an outside look to the matter, plus may give you some important feedback which is very relevant and which you may not have thought about it. So there may be a tremendous benefit which you gain by doing so.
  • BE AVAILABLE – There are times when everyone be it at a personal level or at work, needs help and support. When such a situation arises be available to provide the help, support or advice needed. At work you may be busy yourself but just giving the few minutes which are necessary, helps to create a bond which will be very fruitful when required. Give your loved one or employee your undivided attention and support at such a moment and help to build the relationship you have to a higher level.

In conclusion, we need to realize that the real value of our lives comes from the relationships we have developed with others, be it personal or official ones. When we appreciate the qualities of another person, we make them eager to further improve by polishing their skills, we also raise their self-confidence and this is very beneficial for them and their development. You also benefit indirectly as you gain a sense of pride from your contributing to the development of another person and from raising their level of self esteem. So we should learn to and appreciate other persons around us in order to have more loving and caring relationships

REMEMBER : “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”  —Margaret Cousins


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