HALF FULL or half empty ?

In fact, it all depends on how you see things. Do you see your glass as half full or half empty?  Your answer to this question will display your outlook on life. It will also indicate your attitude towards yourself and show whether you are an optimist or pessimist.

Some studies on personality traits show that the level of optimism or pessimism can affect many areas of our life including health and well being. An optimist person thinks positively and this plays a key role in effective stress management. Being able to effectively manage stress contributes to many benefits in all walks of our life. When we expect good things to happen in our lives, we focus on those actions which result in positive outcomes. On the other hand, when we expect only adverse results to come our way, we are kept from taking those measures that may have helped us to avoid the unfavorable situation.

Research has shown us that optimism has a strong correlation with many positive outcomes in life including better health, enhanced success in all walks of life and also increased life expectancy. So, if you see the glass as half full not only will you be happier but also healthier and maybe wealthier.

So, realizing the benefits involved let us focus on filling our glass with optimism by trying some of the strategies below and notice the difference it makes to our outlook on life :

BODY LANGUAGE – How we present ourselves and carry ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel within our self. By making some adjustments in our body language we can feel and display more confidence, which has a positive impact on outcomes like interviews, meetings and even stressful conversations. .So, focus on how you hold yourself by standing straight, shoulders back, looking straight and you will present a confident, optimistic and successful picture of yourself. With it you will attract positive outcomes and opportunities in all walks of your life.

BE INTENTIONAL – Recognize the value of your time and use it to the best advantage. Evaluate the options and possibilities open to you before you begin the day by taking a few minutes to set your target for the day and focus on what you want to achieve. By being deliberate and purposeful you can act like a compass and focus on the direction you have set for yourself. Thereby you will be able to concentrate and focus on your available time plus resources and utilize your energy better to achieve your aims.

BUILD SELF CONFIDENCE – In order to improve our state of affairs, we require courage and the need to step out of our comfort zone. We need to develop our level of confidence and manage our fears. Doing something new at work may scare us at first but as we gather courage and actually do it, it will become easier. The best way to build self confidence is by doing something that stretches your capabilities. As you realize that you are actually able to do it, your level of confidence will grow and you will achieve more than you thought possible. Confidence actually grows in reply to the level of response you may need from it.

LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES – Optimists manage to find opportunities whereas pessimists only see problems. Opportunities are always present; it is a matter of looking for those ideas that match your interests and skills. Develop a habit of looking at things with the idea of how you can improve it, for fulfilling future needs and requirements. If you change the way at which you look at life’s problems you will find that they will change into a group of opportunities to improve, grow, and learn for betterment and happiness.

SEE THE LIGHTER SIDE – It is not easy to see the lighter side of things in difficult times. But we should remember that it is always helpful. We tend to get very serious when facing difficult situations and challenges during hard times. Seeing the lighter side helps us get through difficult circumstances, as humor is an effective remedy which we can apply to all situations to reduce anxiety and stress. Laughter, it is said is the best medicine, as it reduces stress, helps improve job performance and also connects people psychologically. The body releases endorphins during the process of laughter which contributes to the health benefits. Humor is a powerful and helpful tool which helps us return to a state of composure and self control during difficult times.

REDUCE STRESS – There is no shortage of the physical and mental benefits of exercise. If you currently do not exercise make the effort and start, very shortly you will begin to see the benefits. Exercise helps to increase energy levels and also provides other health benefits and with it the mental benefits of sharpening your memory and promoting the ‘feel good’ syndrome. It helps a person to view the challenges we face in life in a more empowered manner plus with a feeling of optimism and this will help to ensure success.

If you want to become a more optimistic person and engage in more positive thinking, first identify some areas of your life that you need to focus on, whether it’s your job, your health, or a personal relationship. Make a beginning by focusing on one area and identify what you need to do approach it in a more positive way to be successful

REMEMBER An optimistic understands that life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere. They learn from mistakes and failures and are not afraid to fall again” – Harvey Mackay

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