Develop ADAPTABILITY skills

Being flexible and possessing the ability to adjust oneself to varying conditions will give you the advantage to respond to any change much quicker and better than other team mates. This will give you the competitive advantage and help you be more successful in your job and also other walks of life. The more adaptable a person you are, the more productive you will be, as being adaptable means that you are a perpetual optimist and with it you also display extraordinary levels of resilience. Employers look for this trait in employees these days, as adaptable employees can easily manage and adjust to change and not be stressed out when new challenges come up.

To become more adaptable at work we can :

  1. LEARN TO LISTEN : Being a better listener and aware of what is going on around you, will help you to adjust to situations. The better you listen the better you will be able to comprehend a situation and handle it. You will also be able to work out and solve or change any situation without any difficulty and produce better results. This will result in creating a positive and motivating environment for all concerned.
  2. ASK QUESTIONS : Interacting, observing and working with others, as well as developing the habit of sharing thoughts and asking questions all lead to raising your levels of adaptability. Embracing change in order to be successful and grow in ones role, as well as working with other team members all lead to success. The greatest way to learning and challenging the status quo is to ask questions. Well thought out questions asked in a professional manner will guarantee that you get valuable and relevant feedback.
  3. BE UPTO DATE :  Be resourceful and active, keeping abreast of what developments are taking place in your area of expertise. Read about latest happenings, acquire skills and research up new developments. Adopting current and new practices in your working and personal life will present a picture of your ability to accept and adapt to changing circumstances. It will give the impression that you are a constant learner, developing yourself and growing, while focusing on improvement.
  4. FOCUS ON POSITIVES : Whether it is work life or personal, things often do not go as planned. Learn to extract and focus on the positive aspects. Doing so, will help you to change your thinking and mindset and concentrate on the positive aspects of the situation. It is always best to focus on the lessons learned and takeaways from a situation and be hopeful and confident of the future. Finding the silver lining in a situation and accepting the reality shows your level of adaptability as it will require that you reset and redefine your focus and take an objective view of the situation.
  5. BE BALANCED : It is very normal for us to have many commitments and responsibilities in our personal lives as well as work. By creating a level of work life balance we will be more grounded and will be able to handle any coming changes with a clear thinking and level head. If we encounter coming changes in our career which may be threatening, our ability to adapt and accept these will be easier if we are relaxed and not stressed. So evaluate and balance your life and the time devoted to each aspect individually.
  6. PRACTICE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE : Being able to identify ones emotions and manage them with reference to a situation helps one to adapt to changes easily. When trying to adapt to changes, practicing emotional intelligence will guide you and help you to shape your behaviour and also your response to changes in the workplace as well as other situations. By being able to identify ones emotions, harness and control them, as well as apply them to the thinking process or problem solving required of a situation, will help to regulate ones emotions and adapt as them as required.  

Benefits of being adaptable :

The importance of being adaptable in todays fast changing world are many fold. It is a very important skill and can be applied in the workplace in many ways. Three important benefits are :

BETTER LEADERSHIP – Change is bound to happen, leaders know that and are prepared to embrace it. They remain positive, focused and motivate their teams to move forward through tough times. Great leadership displays an open-minded and considerate approach to finding solutions. At the centre of these qualities lies the ability to adapt and accept change.

EMBRACE CHALLENGES – Be open to finding varied and diverse solutions to the problems which come up. Adaptable people work without limitations and boundaries. They accept challenges and enjoy finding solutions and working on them. Apart from that, engaging the team with different skills and capabilities to move forward and get the job done. 

REMAIN RELEVANT – Be ready to change, experiment and also move to doing things in an unconventional manner. It is such persons who will always lead in times of change, manage new projects, try out different methods and techniques and accomplish the job. Things are constantly changing and adapting oneself is critical to survive.

Finally, it important to remember that being adaptable is a soft skill which will help you get through changing times successfully. It has the capacity to give you an optimistic view of both your professional and personal life.

“Learn to adjust yourself to the conditions you have to endure, but make a point of trying to alter or correct conditions so that they are most favorable to you.” – William Frederick Book

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