Managing Yourself ???

manage selfThere was a time when employees did not need to manage their careers – it was the responsibility of their managers to plan the careers of their direct reports. However times have changed and in today’s world it is up to us to manage our self and our career.

The question which would arise in your mind is what does that mean and how can you do so ?

We need to define and then to carve out our place in the organization and know when it is necessary to change our direction or career path. It’s up to us to keep ourselves engaged, motivated and productive during a career that may last between 35-40 years.

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grow skillsWhere you are today is based on the education and skills that got you there. However if you aspire to career growth, you cannot afford to be complacent and wait for things to happen – you have to take ownership of your career.

REMEMBER the key to your future depends on your own commitment to learning and development of skills. By getting better at what you do and expanding the boundaries of your skills, you become more valuable to your team, customers, and company. This would lead to broadening your horizon and could also lead to new and better career opportunities within your current company or elsewhere.

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Hello HR Colleagues and friends

The need to create an awareness of the changes which are taking place in the HR world globally and its impact on business performance is the reason for starting this blog.

In Pakistan we are still very much in the past and the HR is viewed as a personnel management function. There is a requirement to create an awareness of how HR can truly contribute to the success of a business by assuming a strategic human resource management role in an organization.Doing so would ensure that a proper utilization of resources is taking place to obtain the results the organization would like to achieve.

The different areas of HR and how they contribute towards the success of an organization follow