A POSITIVE MINDSET in difficult times

These difficult times may be filled with various challenges like health issues, financial struggles, job security etc. It could also be raising a sense of loneliness and isolation as we are not able to interact with friends and family, as well as, a sense of fear of the unknown. Most of us are existing in a survival mode, living from day to day and facing the challenges as they arise. The uncertainty of the future may be making it very easy to fall into a negative mindset. However a pessimistic mindset can do nothing more than cause us more dejection.

It is only by having a positive frame of mind and outlook that we can manage the challenges that may come up and lead a satisfactory life. It does not imply that we avoid a negative or destructive situation; instead it entails accepting and making the best of grim circumstances and viewing our own efforts and abilities in a positive light.

The outcome of a positive approach is multifold. It helps to make us not only happier and of better health, but also helps to empower and energize us, improving our motivation and performance.

Some of us are inclined to see any situation in a negative light. The formula for HAPPINESS is determined 50% by our biological predisposition, 10% by the circumstances and conditions of our life and 40% by the voluntary choices and actions that we make. So although genetics does play a role, being positive and optimistic is a choice that we make for ourselves.

So, boosting the level of positivity for greater and better results in our life is dependent on the habits we adopt and the steps we take. Some of the basic habits practiced by positive people are :

  1. START THE DAY ON A POSITIVE NOTE – Beginning the day with something positive is crucial. Being thankful for what we have and expressing gratitude helps to develop and maintain a positive frame of mind throughout the day. Stating a positive affirmation to oneself will also contribute to having an improved day. 
  2. CONCENTRATE ON THE GOOD – We may encounter obstacles and hurdles especially when the going is tough, but learning to see the positive side and focusing on the possible benefits helps to face the challenge and come out of it. Treat every challenge as an opportunity and learn to gain from it.
  3. DEAL WITH BAD THOUGHTS – Most of us have thoughts that contain negative elements which cause us stress, as we tend to believe that these thoughts are true. Having a positive frame of mind helps us to put these thoughts aside. Learn to disperse these negative thoughts by exteriorizing them and letting them disappear from our lives.
  4. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS –  No one is perfect and we all tend to make mistakes and even experience failures. Instead of focusing on the failure and feeling bad about what happened use the experience to think about what to do next time. Seeing the situation in a positive slant and focusing on finding solutions will be beneficial for you and even help you to do better next time.
  5. BE CONFIDENT OF YOUR ABILITIES – We can win half of life’s battles if we are strong and confident in our abilities. Having a positive mindset boosts our confidence level and lets us perform at our best. We will be confident to make the right decisions at the right moment. This will benefit our professional as well as personal life, as by being positive we perform better at work and develop greater happiness and bonds in our personal life.
  6. AVOID DISEASES – Having a positive mindset helps to build better overall health as one is automatically motivated to be active, take care of diet, involved with family and friends etc. One can avoid many physical as well as mental illnesses as well. Negative thoughts give rise to worry, stress and anxiety and these lead to greater frustration. Trying to relax and maintain a stress-free mind boost our health and helps to build a stronger immune system. This is also important these days with the ongoing pandemic.

Remember, “If you put negative thoughts into your mind, you’re going to get negative results. It’s just as true that if you put positive thoughts in your mind, you will be a recipient of positive results.” – Lou Holtz

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