Stay Strong develop MENTAL TOUGHNESS

 Those who achieve their aims and perform at high levels also face ups and downs in their career or life. They may have faced failure, or been unable to reach their goals, been stressed out or discouraged and maybe much more. But, they possessed the ability to continue to struggle in order to achieve their goals.

The question may arise, how do some people continue to strive to achieve their goals, while others may on the other hand just give up. Many studies have taken place on this aspect of life and results show that the most important factor is ‘mental strength’.

In a book by Angela Duckworth called Grit, she says that“the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls ‘grit.’” In other words, mental toughness or strength plays a vital role when it comes to achieving goals. It is possessing the ability to stick to something, even when things are tough that is key to achieving success.

Those people who possess a high level of mental toughness are able to overcome any obstacles which may arise and create and build a path towards success. On the other hand, those who do not  possess the strength and toughness to keep at it, may give up and forsake their dreams.

However, the good thing is that no matter who you are, what abilities you possess and currently believe in, you can develop the mental toughness you need to be successful in your career and personal life by :

  1. PROPER PERSPECTIVE : One of the most important things to consider is the view point you are focusing on. Learn to keep difficulties and troubles in a proper perspective without attaching too much importance to it and losing sight of what you have to achieve. It is here that possessing mental toughness provides the impetus to carry on and focus on what you need to achieve.
  2. POSITIVE MINDSET : Focus on building a strong and positive mindset in your everyday life as well as at work. Stay positive even when dealing with negative people and try to generate positive vibes in them. Do not let any situation or person to bring you down as carrying negative thoughts is like carrying junk which will weigh you down and work on breeding failure. In case of any failures do not dwell on the situation for long, try to resolve and move forward to achieve future success.
  3. ENDURANCE : Learn to develop staying power and fortitude in order to face any adversity as well as misfortunes. View failures not as a fault of oneself but rather as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. Be willing to apply your learning’s to keep trying and be ready to keep going and get things back on track. Also develop the ability to increase your inner strength and deal effectively with all challenges which may come your way. 
  4. STABILITY : Learn to manage pressures and maintain your capacity to focus on your objectives. Doing so will support the delivery of the same performance level no matter how much stress or pressures you may be facing. Our jobs may require making decisions under pressure and by sustaining pressures we can develop our capacity to manage and deal with any stressful situations which may come our way.
  5. ADAPTABILITY :  The ability to be flexible and ready to change in order to adjust to circumstances, is getting to be more and more critical in today’s world. It is one of the most important traits one can develop as with innovation and changing times and demands, employees who can adjust and be nimble enough to develop new skills as required. Mental adjustments and the ability to be strong and accept what is imminent are required to embrace the changes coming in our businesses and industries.
  6. BEING FOCUSED : In order to complete ones assignments and ensure that they are done to the best of our abilities it is essential to remain focused on the tasks at hand. By keeping ones attention on the required results it is possible to eliminate any distractions and also deal with any current or potential obstacles which may arise. By being focused, productivity can be increased, producing better results and also reducing stress and pressures.
  7. POSITIVE ATTITUDE : Life is full of complications, difficulties and obstacles resulting in problems and even failures at times. However, by facing these issues with a positive attitude you will be able to find solutions and also deal with them. Being optimistic is a trait which makes it easier to manage any worries and problems. By seeing the brighter side of things, you will find it easier to be constructive, happier and more successful  

The bottom line is that complications, side effects, and at times even complete failures are all part of life. No one is perfect but learning to focus on the right things we can develop the ability to be tough and get ready to face challenges which may come our way. Also, by being strong and developing a positive attitude it will be much easier to mitigate any damage, learn the lessons that may help in the future, and move forward.


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