GET what you want from life

zigziglar1-2x“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else .” Les Brown

Often we tend to ask our self is this what we want from life ? If the answer is NO, then its time to take action. We may need to make changes and also identify and change some of our behaviours.

There are some primary and specific steps which we could start with which will support us to increase our chances of success and move us forward to getting what we want from life. Some thought changes required are :

  • Change your thinking patterns : It is human to start thinking that everyone else is getting what they want from life except us. We don’t realize that such negative thinking will only cause us to think that others are more talented, luckier and better than ourselves. By doing so we can never address the problem. The actual truth maybe that the other persons you may admire are doing things differently leading to better results. So LEARN from them and aim to get better results yourself. Remember that negative thoughts never gain success in life.
  • Positive thinking : Life is filled with positive as well as negative effects. Especially when something negative happens we tend to be overcome by it and it also obstructs our ability to have a clear and transparent view of an issue. In order to get what one wants from life we need to deal with any setback in an effective manner by resolving the problem and by thinking positively. Doing so will give you more confidence in yourself, improve your mood and prevent you developing stress related disorders.
  • Responsibility acceptance : It is the easiest thing to do, to blame circumstances, that may be out of your control. But, first try to analyze possible reasons for not obtaining success, even then if you feel there is nothing that can be done, don’t do anything. But also remember that by doing so, you are governing yourself by fear. And the fear factor never breeds success. Successful people on the other hand also accept responsibility for their actions and the results they achieve in life. We may not always be successful in what we do. However by accepting responsibility and identifying what you can do, differently, to achieve success you are improving your chances of getting what you want from your life. By accepting responsibility for your life you will realize the important role it plays for your future success and happiness.
  • Taking the right steps : It give us pleasure to sit and dream about what we want in life. But in order to actually achieve what we want we have to MOVE. Get up and take action. Unless you move and take action the dream will always remain a dream. When you start to take action your thoughts will become clearer, your mind will open different options and the road to success will become brighter and definitely seem to be more do able.You need not jump into action unnecessary. Evaluate options and carefully determine the best course of action. Sometimes to build your confidence small steps maybe more appropriate. Any steps forward are better than no steps at all.
  • Appreciate help and support : Friends and family who rally to support you when in need require some appreciation and a positive reception from you. If that is not forthcoming they may ignore it in the beginning but will then stop doing anything to support you in future. Normally people love to help others and they are usually happy to do so, wherever it may be possible, but if you never display or communicate any gratitude, you may soon find yourself short of people who will help you along your path. Remember to always be grateful for what you have as by doing so you will experience further positivity in life.
  • FOCUS : Finally and most important remember to be focused and continue to follow the path you have laid out in front of yourself. It it is a big goal you want to achieve then your Plan of Action should have smaller clearly defined steps. As human beings we tend to be overwhelmed by a big target or goal. A regular review of your progress will support you in achieving your defined outcome as you start to move closer to achieving your goal

While it is definitely pleasant to sit back and day dream of a better life and future, just by  dreaming you will not develop a successful strategy for getting what you want from life. We need to take action and develop the appropriate mindset. While the exact steps that you need to take will depend on the exact nature of what you want; there are some steps which you can define for yourself and start to take to set you on the right path to achieving your dreams. If you start to implement these steps; getting what you want from life will move from the realm of dreams to the sphere of possibilities.

FINALLY, positive moods foster responsible behavior and effective performance of tasks that need to be done. On the other hand negative moods reduce task-related motivation. So always be aware of the emotions around you, they may help or hinder your ability to take action and gain achievement.


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