Gain an EDGE in today’s job market

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Change is a constant in today’s job market and keeping abreast with the new requirements is critical to job success. Nothing remains forever and with the rapidly changing job environment and the advancement of technology in today’s world, it is only natural that employers are also looking for new and changing job skills in their work force.

The role of HR is very prominent here as well, as they also need to be aware of the evolving needs of the business and the requirement to hire employees who are current in terms of knowledge and skills. One of the best ways for a company to stay competitive is to ensure that its employees are up to the mark or even ahead of the never ending learning curve.

So it clearly means that that in order to stay on top of your job and the market, you need to constantly expand and develop your current skill set and also develop the new ones which are required. So, if you are looking for a promotion or a change of job – what should you do ?

Studies conducted by many companys and forums including Microsoft, Deloitte, World Economic Forum etc show that soft skill intensive occupations will make up two-thirds of all jobs by 2030. Further the rate of innovation in the digital field is also having a major impact. Based on these findings it is clear that employers now require new skills in their employees so that they are equipped to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In order to develop an edge over other competitors in the job market, focus and develop the required skills :

  • Eager to learn : The enthusiasm and willingness to learn is a key characteristic an employee or job seeker can possess today. It is essential to continuously take steps to improve and also seek new skills which can play a positive role in enhancing ones abilities. Some actions one can easily take in ones spare time is to listen to webinars, read articles, keep abreast of the financial and business news, be aware of industry trends etc. Also very important is for you to form the habit of interacting with others at work who can also play a role in helping you to enhance your skills. Even more illustrative of your desire to improve your knowledge base is attending certification courses, online classes and industry forums and meetings and professional networking.
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills : Possessing the ability to interact and communicate your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others is also key in the progression of your career and ability to secure a new job. Strong communication skills play a key role in projecting your skills and knowledge especially when you are interviewing for a new job. Not only that, it helps to showcase your abilities and talent in your existing role. An understanding of how Managers want to hire employees who can clearly communicate their thoughts and have strong inter personal skills plus the ability to interact with colleagues so that they can work together as a team and deliver the objectives of the organization. Further, managers also choose and prefer having employees in their team who possess the ability to communicate across the board with all levels of the organization in a relaxed and professional manner.
  • Understand the business and customer : Times are constantly changing and organizational structures are flatter, so it is becoming more necessary that employees have an understanding of the basic business principles and insight of how the company functions.  The importance of different functions, how they operate and the ability to voice your opinion on these matters makes you a candidate with potential for growth. Linked very closely is also understanding the customer, his/her needs and how those can be met. Technology is also helping to develop and change the behavior of the customer in many markets. It is necessary to be abreast of these changes and possess the know-how to utilize them to benefit the business.
  • Data analytics and problem solving : A new and important skill in today’s world is the science of examining data, finding patterns and reaching conclusions which will help you gain an insight into future requirements of a business. Due to this, more employers are searching for job candidates who can understand and utilize data. It is becoming important in most fields to some extent and according to Parminder Jassal, at the Institute for the Future, it is an important skill for everyone—not just for job seekers seeing traditional data jobs. Possessing such skills also supports problem-solving abilities in an employee. A business is constantly facing challenges in the market and a combination of data analytics and problem solving skills go a long way in solving them.
  • Creativity and innovation : Having the ability to look at things from a different perspective and finding new and novel solutions to problems are what most employers are looking for in their employees. So possessing the ability to ‘Think out of the box’ and come up with fresh ways to deal with problems and gain an advantage for the company. We need to remember that in this fast pace environment we are working in today, innovation is crucial to the survival and continuing success of any organization.
  • Social media : The importance of social media in today’s world has moved beyond the boundaries of a remedy for boredom to important tools in social marketing. It’s very important to understand how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like work and can contribute but also being able to use them effectively for business purposes. Be aware of how Twitter or other tools can be used to stay on top of industry news and network with thought leaders etc. Also possess the ability to use these tools effectively to promote business activities and capitalize on the impact of social media in todays business world.



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