It is having the ability to reach these goals in life that contribute to our inner feeling of satisfaction, as achieving these make us feel happy, loved, safe and fulfilled in our lives. The key to achieving success in our life is based on our ability to get the best out of ourselves, no matter what the circumstances or conditions we are facing maybe. It is based on our ability to adapt ourselves and change where required which leads to our achieving success. We all have within ourselves tremendous potential and abilities, which if bought together and channeled in the right direction can lead to accomplishing great things in life. 

The first step is the most important and we can change our life by achieving just one important goal. The vital element to achieving the goal maybe a single piece of information, or getting the right idea at the right time. By doing so we program our self for further successes, as the more we achieve the more we motivated to achieve.  By being successful in one area we build our confidence level, which leads to further successes in other areas as well. A momentum is created and by reaching a goal, eventually synergies will occur and success will come on all fronts

There is no single path for achieving success in our lives as what works for one person may not work for another, but after studying the actions of highly successful people some basic steps can be defined that improve our chances of being successful in our lives – be it relationships or career.

The first and most important step is to – STOP LIMITING YOURSELF. You may have a clearly defined goal in mind, but that may not be enough because you may find yourself harbouring doubts, pulling back and not acting on it. We may also develop inner conflicts which foster fear and hesitation in us. So if you do experience any reservations, it is important to uncover and resolve these conflicts and realign yourself, otherwise, they may be the reasons for failure. Alignment creates certainty and confidence, which will motivate you, move you forward and produce results beyond your highest expectations.

Some basic steps we may follow in order to be successful are :

  1. ADOPT STRATEGIES – Being successful leaves certain clues and what successful people do are also steps we can follow in order to be successful. By studying and replicating the approach taken by successful people, be it at building relationships, a successful career or any skill or hobby and applying those strategies on ourselves, we can improve our own chances of success. So try to identify those approaches, act on them and see them work for you. Be ready to learn from the experiences of others, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. DEVELOP A GROWTH MINDSET – People generally believe that talents are something we are born with and they tend to surrender when faced with a challenge. They may believe that they lack the required skills and talents which are required to excel and that failure is a reflection of their inabilities. Instead, develop the feeling that you can learn from the experience, improve yourself, develop, change and grow. When facing challenges acquire or improve required skills and work towards achieving success.
  3. INCREASE YOUR RESOLVE – Having the determination to succeed is vital to being successful. Strength of will and strength of mind both play a role in breeding success. Having a sense of perseverance and with it, possessing the will to succeed both characteristics are some of the traits which successful people possess. These traits maybe a part of one’s personality but they can also be improved further. One simple way to do so is to set small goals that require willpower to achieve. By building your determination to achieve these you will also develop the ability to achieve larger goals.
  4. DEVELOP EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE –  Intelligence is no doubt a major factor which contributes to success in different areas of life. However experts believe that emotional intelligence is the key, as it is the ability to be aware of, utilize and express emotions. Emotionally intelligent people are able to handle interpersonal relationships sensibly and empathically. You can improve your level of emotional intelligence by focusing on your feelings and managing your emotions positively to communicate effectively, empathize, defuse conflict and overcome challenges. Also listen to others not only by hearing what they are saying but also by interpreting nonverbal and body language.
  5. BE RESILIENT – Possessing the ability to continue trying under all circumstances, even in the face of obstacles is crucial to succeeding. People who have mental toughness accept challenges as opportunities, have confidence in their capabilities and skills to be successful plus are also committed to accomplish their goals. You can increase your chances of being successful by having faith in your skills and abilities, analyse any setbacks and learn from them, set attainable goals, develop a support system, accept advice and assistance if required.   
  6. NUTURE YOUR  ABILITIES – Identifying the qualities and personality traits that breed success and improving those helps you to be successful as well. Personality tests ie Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),  help to identify your traits and personality type plus its correlation to performance. Some specific traits are linked to success in life and work and if we focus on developing these, we may increase our own chances of being successful. Accepting ambiguity, being flexible and ready to adapt oneself is vital in these changing times. Being conscientious while considering and valuing diverse views also leads to making successful decisions. Be open to change and ready to take risks balanced with a realistic approach, adjusting as required. Also being prepared to move with the times, explore, learn new things and ready to try them out helps breed success.
  7. BE COMPETITIVE – In order to have a successful career be geared up to give your best, be ready to go above and beyond, be prepared to invest in developing yourself and learn the newest and latest skills in your area. Focus on your improvements, pay attention to your progress and required skills. If required, invest in attending development programs, or higher certifications to qualify for higher level and better paying jobs. You need to take ownership and control of your career and it all depends on what you want to achieve in the long run. 

The potential to achieve success is unlimited. The only real boundaries on what you can do or not do, are those which you impose on yourself. The decision lies with you and when you make an explicit resolution to change your life and shed all doubts and limitations you will be successful. Throw you heart into what you want to accomplish set your goal and go about achieving it, your chances of success are guaranteed.

So – “Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do” – Brian Tracy

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