Be RESILIENT in tough times

Those of us who possess the strength to manage and cope with these changes will handle the situation better and come out of the crisis successfully. The timeframe we are facing is unclear, as the fluid situation we are in today in fluctuating and uncertain. Some of the challenges may include medical problems, job loss and financial problems. How we tackle and face these difficulties is what counts and also what helps us to make a comeback in our lives. It is those people who possess resilience or the ability to bounce back and face a situation, who will be successful in the end. They handle such difficulties in a manner that fosters strength and they may emerge stronger than they were before the crisis.  

Resilience does not eliminate stress or erase life’s difficulties. People who possess this resilience trait don’t see life through rose-colored lenses. They understand that setbacks happen and that sometimes life is hard and painful. They still experience the emotional pain, grief, and sense of loss that comes after a tragedy, but their mental outlook allows them to work through such feelings and recover.

Instead, resilience gives people the strength to tackle problems head-on, overcome adversity, and move on with their lives. Even in case of natural disasters or catastrophic events resilient people are able to display behaviours that help them remain strong, carry on with their lives and even offer help and support to others in the same circumstances. It is also resilience which allows people to gather the courage and strength to survive and even prosper, as well as ultimately come out of the situation.

  1. CREATE POSITIVE BELIEFS – Taking a positive view of any situation helps to improve your efforts in dealing with it. On the other hand negative thoughts and approaches only magnify the event and you can create a stressful situation for yourself. Hope and positive thoughts can reduce the un surmount ability of any challenge and instead help you to look for opportunities in the events. This will also challenge you to develop new skills for the future.
  2. ABILITY TO COPE – Being confident in yourself and developing the ability to manage and deal with a situation can play a very important role in building your resilience. Your confidence, self esteem and ability to cope with the stresses which may emerge from a situation also plays a significant role in your level of resilience. Being assured of your abilities, including your strengths and achievements will help to build your confidence and lift your spirits to face the situation and also the future.
  3. DEVELOP A SUPPORT NETWORK – It is important to have people you can trust and share things with. So having a support system around one can act as a shielding and protective factor in times of stress or a crisis. Simply discussing an issue or a situation with a trusted family member, friend or colleague will not make the troubles disappear but helps you to gain an insight, or may even give you new ideas that might help you better manage the challenges you may be facing or dealing with.
  4. EMBRACE CHANGE – Change is a constant in life, so learn to be flexible as it is also an essential part of resilience. By learning to accept change and being more adaptable to it, we will be in a better position to react and adapt ourselves to the changing scenario. Those people who respond positively to any sudden change or even crisis are often better equipped to utilize the event to their advantage. They use it as an opportunity to move out in new directions, adapt themselves quickly and also flourish and prosper in the future.  
  5. REMAIN OPTIMISTIC – Being hopeful, positive and confident in oneself during tough times are all traits which help us get through most difficult periods in life. It may seem very difficult to do so, but by maintaining a hopeful and cheerful outlook of the future we will be better positioned to bounce back from adversity successfully. Developing the understanding that setbacks are temporary and being confident of your skills and abilities will help you to combat and face the challenges you may encounter. It is also very important to remain confident and positive about the future.    

Some people possess these abilities naturally and they tend to remain composed and levelheaded, no matter what they are facing. However, according to experts it is also possible for people to learn the skills to become more resilient and able to manage adversities more positively. Some aspects we can cultivate are :

FINALLY, remember that when you’re stressed, it is very easy to neglect your own mental and physical requirements. You may not sleep well, lose your appetite, ignore the need to exercise and also not unwind and relax with your family. It is very important to focus on building your endurance skills and stamina, even when you’re troubled. So make time for activities that you enjoy and relax. As, by taking care of your own physical and mental requirements, you can boost your overall health and resilience and be fully ready to face the challenges life may have in store for you.

1 thought on “Be RESILIENT in tough times

  1. I think this article addresses the problems most people struggle with everyday. The writer seems to have thought through these questions and found answers. Also the article is well written and and easy to read. I am sure most people will find it helpful and thought provoking. I know I did.
    Keep writing.

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