Strengthen your RESILIENCE

Resilience is a remarkable capability which not only helps us to pull through quickly from difficult situations and also times, but helps us to recover and move forward. If you possess this ability, you have an inbuilt capacity to get up, when you are knocked down by any event. Being flexible and also possessing the ability to mould yourself according to circumstances, helps you bounce back from adversity and keep going. 

We can learn to build our resilience by being trained to cope with the challenges which may face us. It is a process of learning to confront any trauma or challenges which may arise in our lives and adapting ourselves to those stresses. Over a period of time, a person learns not only to embrace these challenges but to overcome them and come out successful. By being unbeaten a person gets an opportunity to adapt themselves to the changed circumstances, develop and grow. 

By working on our abilities to cope we can increase our level of resilience. The best part is that resilience is a skill we can build upon as well, as it also varies from situation to situation. No matter how rigid and inflexible we maybe today, we can learn to improve our ability to do better with the passage of time. There are people whom we may know who seem to handle things remarkably well and see an opportunity for improvement or growth in every situation. On the other hand there are others who are just managing to survive.

It is up to us to decide which path we would like to tread. Do we want to be optimistic and positive about a situation, learn to handle it and come out successful ?  Do we have faith in our ability to succeed and accomplish a goal ?  It is our own belief that we are effective and valuable that enables us to move forward towards achieving our goals and becoming more flexible as well as quick to recover from adversity.

Resilience is an important skill to acquire in order to be successful in life. Keeping in mind the benefits we can reap, the question may arise that, how can we increase our resilience. Some of the ways we can work on developing our resilience are :

  • DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – How one approaches a problem can make a big difference, when one is facing a difficult situation or circumstances. A person’s mindset and attitude plays a major role in the result one achieves. Do not allow yourself to slip into negative and stress inducing patterns of thinking. By maintaining a positive and optimistic view of the situation, a person can influence the outcome, since a person can see beyond the current dilemma and focus on a better solution for the future.   
  • TAKE A FRESH PERSPECTIVE – The manner in which we view a situation which is causing stress or anxiety can help to either minimize it, or make it worse in our minds. By redefining it in a more positive manner we can reduce the stress it may be causing and also promote a sense of calm and control. Our perception of the situation can change if we view it in an optimistic manner and see it as a challenge that we can face and overcome to our own advantage.
  • KEEP AN OPTIMISTIC PERCEPTION – At times we face many issues in our daily lives. You may lose your car keys, your computer may crash, you may be late for a meeting etc etc. However the world is not ending, so do not make a mountain out of a molehill. Keep your reactions in control, even though you may be stressed out, annoyed and frustrated. Remind yourself of all that is going well.  Learn to control your reactions, take the necessary actions as required and carry on.
  • ACCEPT CHANGE – Change is a part of life and these days we all have to face changes very frequently. Many of us try to avoid change as the unknown causes a sense of fear in us. By accepting the reality of change, successful people build their resilience and accept and adapt to change when it comes. Learning to deal with change and accept the changes that may occur throughout our lives, will let us grow and advance in our personal and professional lives. So learn to identify the opportunities which may lie in every new development and reap the benefits.
  • FOSTER SELF ASSURANCE – Cultivate and build your confidence and poise to be able to deal with difficult situations. Being resilient also involves finding the strength within ourselves to manage and come out of complex situations. Learn to find positive actions which help to bolster your self confidence and take the necessary steps to move out of the difficult situation. The most critical thing here is to believe in yourself and have the faith to hold on and come out of any crisis.    
  • MOVE ON – When confronted by a situation or crisis do let not let yourself be brought to a standstill. We can always do something to bring ourselves out of a situation, so begin to identify and initiate actions to overcome the situation. By identifying the required moves and starting to take small steps towards achieving them you can mobilize yourself, begin to increase your confidence and proceed towards getting out of the situation. Learn to take decisive action, empower yourself to build your determination and get out of a negative state of affairs.
  • SELF CARE – How a person is feeling in terms of physical wellbeing is very important. Our diet, exercise and other physical activities as well as sleep patterns play a major role in energizing us. Find regular time to involve yourself in activities which you may find relaxing, even if it is just going for a brisk early morning walk, enjoying the fresh air and sunrise. Any such activity will bolster your wellbeing, clear your mind, as well as boost your level of resilience making you relaxed, fit and ready to deal with any situation which may come up.  

Many studies show us that maintaining good social relationships help us in difficult times. One important factor in being resilient is having supportive and caring relationships with those whom you can share your worries and concerns. Apart from sharing concerns, a person gets encouragement and reassurance in return which helps to bolster ones spirits and supports a person to face up to the challenges which may occur.

Remember, “Everyone has the ability to increase resilience to stress. It requires hard work and dedication, but over time, you can equip yourself to handle whatever life throws your way without adverse effects on your health. Training your brain to manage stress won’t just affect the quality of your life, but perhaps even the length of it.” – Amy Morin


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