Taking PRIDE in your work

prideIt is becoming more and more common in Pakistan that most people work at whatever job they are doing, just for the sake of working. To them, working means getting a daily wage or a monthly pay check, at the end of the month and for them there is nothing more to it. You will observe this in the attitude of blue collar workers as well as employees in white collar administrative jobs in fact even at managerial levels. What impact does this have on productivity and how can we change this attitude?

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Creativity and the Aging Brain

CreativeWhile browsing the internet I can across some research on creativity, which I thought might be of interest to my followers – especially those who are around the age of 50. 

It was very interesting to know that we can use the powers of the aging brain to enhance creativity in our organizations as well as other creative fields. The research went on to say that the aging brain resembles the creative brain in several ways. For instance, the aging brain is more distractible and somewhat more disinhibited than the younger brain (so is the creative brain). Aging brains score better on tests of crystallized IQ (and creative brains use crystallized knowledge to make novel and original associations). These changes in the aging brain may make it ideally suited to accomplish work in a number of creative domains.

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