Motivating people to achieve


A common myth is that in order to get results we need to motivate our employees. For Managers and Leaders it is an ongoing concern and most leaders are spending a major chunk of their time trying to motivate their team to achieve the goals set out for them. HR is constantly involved in developing tools and schemes to provide support to leaders in their quest for motivating their employees.

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Effective Execution – a critical skill

executionThe ability to execute effectively is key to the success of an organization as well as an individual. Designing the best strategy in the world is useless if the organization does not possess the ability to effectively execute it.

There is consensus on the fact that typically most organizations only manage to execute about 10-15% of their strategy. If those figures are even remotely accurate just imagine the opportunities lost in terms of profits, revenues, and market share. The above fact is a clear message to leaders to wake up, take serious note of the matter and realize that there is a huge opportunity waiting to be en-cashed.

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