It is only natural to like feeling happy and fulfilled with your job. We enjoy having a good boss, great colleagues and a company we enjoy working in. However, it is necessary to be aware that if we get too complacent we might end up in danger of derailing our career.

You might think that if you are enjoying your career, why you should make the effort of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

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know-thyselfDo you know yourself ?  Do you understand what motivates you ? Do you understand what drives you? Research shows that self-awareness is crucial for all levels of success. Becoming self-aware is a long process, but it is only by knowing yourself that you will be better placed to make the right decisions about your professional and personal life.

After all being self aware is all about having a clear perception of your personality, which includes your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and motivations. It also includes your thoughts and emotions. Having an awareness of yourself gives you the opportunity to make any required changes in your behavior and beliefs.

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PERCEPTION shapes reality

perceptionThe way in which each one of us views the world is different. Though we all live in the same world, we have all tuned our self to look for what we seek. To the extent that we tend to see what we want to see everywhere and in everything. In other words what we look for is what we see.

Our perceptions play a very important role in our interactions at the workplace and life in general. In our everyday life we start to see whatever we are looking for in everything we look at. Each individual person can see the same situation and recount it differently.

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