A WINNER or a Loser ?

winnerIn the world today being a WINNER is a sign of success.  On the other hand, if somebody fails or is unproductive in our society he or she is marked as being unsuccessful. But most people are somewhere in between winning and losing and end up by winning in some areas of their lives and not so much so in others. However, victory is the ultimate factor for most of us and we tend to live and die by it.

The taste of victory is sweet and there are many advantages of winning in a competition oriented society like ours. We only realize this when we taste the fruits of winning. These may include amongst others ….

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Stay focused during a WORK CRISIS

stay focusedIn all work environments the pressures ebb and flow, during different times of the year, new product launches etc. other activities depending on the business and function you are working in. At times we feel that we are in control of our work and that’s good, but at other times we are lost when unexpected issues, setbacks or pressures from colleague’s absence may cause tensions and stress. It is in such scenarios that if you keep your focus and manage our productivity levels that you can easily come out on top.

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complacentCan being too complacent derail your career ? Think about it.

We all like to feel happy in our current jobs, wanting to come to work every morning, satisfied at work, thinking ourselves to be indispensable and apart from these we like to feel at ease with our boss, our colleagues and to enjoy ourselves if the company culture is conducive to doing so.  So you may think that if you truly enjoy your work why you would even contemplate a change.

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Maximize your productivity


“TIME is of the essence” an English proverb which is very true. We have 24 hours in a day, so utilizing it to the maximum is of utmost importance. Be it at work or at home making the most of your time is critical in today’s fast moving world. What alternatives do we have ? There are two ways we can use to increase our productivity – either by putting in longer hours at work or by working smarter. I do not know about your thoughts, but I definitely prefer the latter.

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Are you STRESSED ?

stressedIn today’s world and the hectic pace of life we are all leading, some level of stress is inevitable, as one is constantly juggling with pressures from different quarters – work, home, financial pressures, children etc. Added to those are sometimes the bad habits we tend to develop such as unhealthy eating, late nights and smoking which all contribute to multiplying the stress levels in the long run.

Life can never be totally stress free. At an acceptable level stress is something which keeps us on our toes, challenges us and even helps us to grow in our careers. But when it starts to reach excessive levels, begins to have an impact on our productivity levels and ultimately starts to have an effect on our health.

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Work SMART – Not Hard

time magtIn today’s fast moving world a major problem being faced by most people is having too much work and not enough time to do it. What is the solution ? The most basic solution is to fine-tune your time-management skills. It is only by using your working hours more efficiently, that you will be able to manage all you have to do and not come under an attack of stress.

Not only will you be more in control of your life but also more secure in your job and simultaneously able to manage your private life as well. Infact you will be able to find the time to relax, enjoy your hobbies and LIFE.

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